Marvel comics have made some of the world’s most favourite comic books for decades. Marvel characters, super heroes and villains fight within the Marvel universe. Kids learn valuable life lessons from their favourite characters, while encouraging their imagination.

Marvel Comics Toys

Celebrate Marvel heroes with your favorite action figures and super heroes. Add the Marvel antagonists to your collection and have fun making your own Marvel story. Dress up like your favourite character and play the way you like, it’s a world of your imagination! Marvel products from all the popular Marvel characters are available - Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and many more.

Marvel Comics Universe

Walmart Canada has a wide range of products from the Marvel universe that will make a child want to fully dive into the Marvel world. Check out the wide variety of Marvel Universe products available at Walmart Canada, such as toys, movies, clothing and accessories. We also carry Marvel video games for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Shop Walmart Canada and get Marvel Comics products!



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