Board Game Fun for the Whole Family

Monopoly is a game that's been around for as long as pretty much everyone can remember. It's longevity and the fact that almost everybody loves it - even if a game can take all night - makes this a true classic that every household needs.

Shop Walmart to find classic Monopoly games and new versions of the mainstay board game that will have the whole family wanting to go another round. You'll find great prices on other board games, card games and more at Walmart Canada too.

Go for the Classic Game

A tried and true classic that almost everyone grew up with, it's a go-to board game when it comes to playing with friends and family for some good clean fun. A great way to spend a snowy winter day or a hot summer afternoon, you and everyone in your group can roll the dice and hope you don't end up jail!

With the classic version of the game, you always get to teach your kids about the board games that you grew up with. Show them how all of those years of collecting free parking taught you how to build 12 hotels and 32 houses all over the board!

Shop for a Unique Edition

Classic Monopoly is a lot of fun, and a game that every single adult and kid out there can love. Now there are a lot more editions though, including some unique signature models that add a fun twist to the game.

Common themed editions include a Disney edition, Star Wars game and a James Bond 007 Version. The Ultimate Baking version of the game is even more fun for some fans and helps teach kids all about counting with lots of chances to dig into that play money.

Whatever your style, shop for your favourite version of the game today so you can get playing before the weekend!

Buy as a Gift

Shopping for a gift for the youngster in your life, whether it's your own kid or an out of province nephew, can be a tough task. After all, it can be hard to know exactly what kids want when it comes to gifts. Classic options like Monopoly never go out of style.

When shopping, consider the classic version of the game for kids over the age of 10. They'll be able to play it with friends and family at any time. For younger kids, choose one of the simpler version of the game. Whatever you pick, they'll be building properties and pulling chance cards like the pros before you know it.

Pair your favourite version of the classic board game with other items like music and books for the ultimate gift pack.

Community chest cards, houses, hotels and more make Monopoly games exciting and fun for every age group. Shop Walmart Canada to find an assortment of different games that everyone can enjoy. You'll also find an assortment of other choices like video games for a bit of interactive fun for all age groups.




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