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Your Favourite Movies and TV Shows

Walmart Canada carries an extensive collection of movies and TV shows on DVD, including new movie releases. From well-loved classics to the best movies of 2018, we've got everything you're looking for.

Choose Your Home Theatre Format

Blue-ray and DVD players are the two most popular pieces of home theatre equipment. Laptops and gaming consoles are also typically capable of playing one or both types of discs. Walmart Canada carries all of the greatest and latest movies and TV shows on both DVD and Blu-ray disc formats.

No matter what type of home theatre equipment you have, you'll be able to find full seasons of the TV shows that everyone is talking about and good movies to watch on your Blu-ray or DVD player at home.

Watch TV and Movies Anywhere, Anytime

Owning your very own copies of your favourite TV shows and movies to watch allows you to enjoy them at your convenience. You don't need an internet connection as you do for streaming, and you can bring your discs with you over to a friend's place for a viewing party.

Best of all, if you have your own DVD collection, then you can watch movies and TV shows on DVD on a portable DVD player while you travel.

Select from a Wide Variety of Genres

Our selection of DVD movies includes action and adventure films, romantic comedies, fantasy films, Disney movies, and more. Find everything from critically acclaimed and award-winning dramas to hilarious comedies perfect for binge watching.

Let Walmart Canada help you catch up on all of best TV shows and new movie releases. 




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