My Life As


My Life As is a brand of multicultural and multi-professional dolls. Kids from the age of 2-12 are loving these little precious dolls, which teach open mindedness and compassion.

My Life As Dolls

My Life As dolls are from different backgrounds in different professions such as, My life as a baker, or my life as a Ballerina. Walmart My Life As dolls are also available in various hair colors and skin tones, so your child is sure to find a very relatable My Life As doll.

My Life As dolls are a perfect Christmas or birthday present for children who already like to play with dolls. My Life As dolls are educational, and fun to play with, and also come in many different sizes.

My Life As Doll Accessories

There is also a line of accessories for extra fun! Dress them up in different outfits and go on an entertaining outing with the dolls. Make them dance or play with them in one of the My Life As playsets that are available, such as a dining set or desk chair. There’s funky caps, artistic play sets, and many, many more.

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