Nerf is one of the most beloved toy brands with a variety of fun foam play shooting games and products. Kids of all ages, and even some adults, can’t deny that Nerf Blasters can provide hours upon hours of fun. There’s a variety of Nerf toys and accessories available at Walmart Canada, so you can pick your favorite Nerf gun or Nerf blaster and prepare for Nerf war.

Nerf Blasters

Nerf Blasters and darts can be a great ice breaker, and are definitely entertaining to play with for both kids and adults. The popular Nerf blasters are Nerf Modulus, Nerf Stryfe and Nerf Mega, but these are constantly evolving. Which Nerf Blaster is the best blaster? Well, you’ll have to find it out yourself.

Nerf Accessories

Walmart Canada has a wide selection of Nerf accessories to prepare you for your next Nerf War? What is a Nerf war exactly? It can be a battle between friends or colleagues or anyone else with Nerf Blasters. Shoot a video, take some pictures and capture the fun memories. Nerf Blasters, darts, and accessories are all available at Walmart Canada, and will get you ready for the next battle or prank. Shhh!




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