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Video Game & Preorder FAQs

  • 1
    If individual games ship separately, do I get charged for shipping each time?

    Absolutely not! The cost of shipping is determined by your complete order, not by individual items (or games).

  • 2
    When does my credit card get charged?

    Great question. Your credit card will be charged once your order ships. If you’ve ordered multiple games, you’ll be charged for individual games as they are shipped. Please note that if your credit card expires prior to the shipment date of your pre-order, you will not be able to place the order.

  • 3
    How soon after the release date will I get my pre-ordered games?

    Every attempt is made to ensure your product is delivered on or as close to the release date as possible.

  • 4
    Why do some games have reduced pricing?

    Sometimes, selected pre-order titles may have reduced pricing for a limited time.

  • 5
    What should I do if I need to modify my order between now and the release date (different address, credit card, etc)?

    If you have a Walmart.ca account, you can log in and make changes to an order within 30 minutes after checkout.

  • 6
    Why is Walmart charging me twice? Both my credit card and bank statements say Walmart took money out of my account.

    When your order is placed, it creates an Authorization Hold on your credit card. The Authorization Hold is NOT a charge—it confirms the card is valid and has available credit equal to the purchase amount. The charge for the purchase does not occur until your order is shipped.

    VISA DEBIT: If you used a Visa Debit card, it’s important to note that Authorization Holds will still be applied. Visa Debit functions like a Visa credit card, but uses the funds in your debit account, rather than your credit card’s available credit.

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