Generations of young children have grown up with Nintendo, its consoles, and video games. Whether it was the Nintendo Entertain System (NES) a trailblazer in the video game industry, or the Nintendo Wii, the system that brought interactivity and fitness into home video games, Nintendo continues to be a pioneer in the video game industry.

Nintendo Consoles & Games

In addition to the popular consoles already mentioned, Nintendo is still on the cusp of video game technology. The Nintendo Switch has a large library of popular games, ranging from the ever popular Super Mario Bros. series, to the classic Legend of Zelda. And of course, who could forget the timeless classic, Mario Kart.

There’s also the Nintendo 3DS. Two screens, packed into a handheld yet powerful gaming system, with an equally large catalogue of titles. The classics are all here – Mario Party, Zelda, Lego, and many others. Let’s not forget the Wii U, with its range of titles, such as Minecraft, Paper Mario and more.

Growing in popularity, is the Amiibo product line. Amiibo is a series of interactive toys that can be used to get extra in game content when used with compatible games on the Nintendo Switch, New Nintendo 3DS, or Wii U consoles.




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