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Express Yourself

Crafting allows you to express yourself in ways that are often quite productive and useful. Whether you are sewing something for a loved one, knitting a blanket for your home, or scrapbooking to record your most beloved memories, you are spending your time well. At Walmart Canada, we want to help you realize your creativity. We are your craft store, here to provide the supplies you want and need!


Sewing is such a handy skill to have, even if you are not creating full garments. Just being able to replace the button on your son or daughter's favourite coat is rewarding and practical. Of course, if you can do more than that--like follow a pattern and use a sewing machine with skill--then the world of sewing really opens up to you.

At Walmart Canada, we aim to be your main craft store for sewing supplies. From sewing machines to needles, travel kits to thread, we stock so many of the things you need to stitch and sew that you'll be set with almost any project!

Needle Crafts

If you like yarn and needle crafts, you know how great it feels to have yarn slip through your fingers as you craft it into something that is both beautiful and functional. You may prefer to crochet or knit, or maybe even something else altogether. Whatever your focus, you will find a wide variety of resources here at Walmart Canada.

Both our brick and mortar stores and our online store carry numerous crochet hooks, knitting needles, types of yarn and more. We have supplies for beginners and those more intermediate and advanced. We even have kits to get you started on whichever particular needlework practice interests you.

Paper Crafts

Scrapbooking and paper crafts give you the opportunity to use some of the loveliest papers available to make creations that you can be proud of. With a scrapbook, you can collect many different types of page decoration to go with your photos. Some choose to document their family adventures. Others collect stickers and cute cut-outs. Still, others use scrapbooking to gather multiple mediums into a single, compelling whole. What you do with your scrapbook is up to you!

Paper crafts are equally flexible in what you can accomplish. Because there are so many different types of paper in various colours, thickness, consistencies and patterns, the sky really is the limit to the variety available. At Walmart Canada, we stock some great paper options at reasonable prices--but we have more than just paper. Just like your local craft shop, we also carry the tools you need to cut, shape and attach your paper as you see fit. We even have high-quality painting and drawing supplies so you can add your own flair to your creation.

One of the coolest things about crafts and home décor creations is how accessible they are. You don't have to be an expert to have a great time. But you also don't need to take our word for it. Instead, see for yourself! Explore our different craft supplies at Walmart Canada and try something out. Let your inner artist shine!



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