Moving & Shipping Supplies

Make Shipping Easy with the Right Supplies

Whether you're mailing a lot of things for work or you're just getting ready for the holidays, having the right shipping supplies on hand is going to make everything easier. At Walmart Canada, we've got everything you need to run your small business or tackle that laundry list of family members for the holiday season.

Best of all, our affordable prices mean you can buy what you need without worrying about overpaying! Save time by stocking up today.

Wrap it Up!

Shipping fragile items can be delicate business - literally! But you don't have to worry about items breaking in the mail anymore if you just use the right packaging supplies.  

How do you that? With bubble wrap, of course! Available in a variety of sizes for light and heavy-duty jobs, you can buy this cushioning from Walmart Canada in small packages for personal use or large containers that are ideal for shipping goods and resale businesses. Add the right packing tape to your order that helps fully secure it, ensuring your items arrive in good shape even if the delivery team isn't gentle.

Pick the Perfect Box

Boxes are the go-to option for shipping when it comes to small businesses and personal needs. Walmart Canada carries heavy-duty boxes and basic options in sizes that fit small packages or oversized items.

Corrugated boxes by the carton are ideal to keep shipping costs down, but you can also just buy the single box and save if you don't need multiple ones. You can also find banker's boxes and paper document files for business and home use.

Go for Padded Mailers

Items that won't break easily don't need bubble wrap and boxes for shipping. They may still need some protection from minor damage that can occur during the mailing process, though. Padded mailers are lined with a cushion and are the ideal solution for items like data CDs, finished samples for manufacturing, and much more.

If you want another option for shipping supplies, poly bags also give protection from the elements when you don't need the added weight of padded mailers. Although they're thin, their material is strong and hardy. 

Shop for Every Envelope Size

Documents don't need nearly as much protection as valuable items that ship in boxes, so no bubble wrap needed here. But if you're shipping items regularly and sending out paperwork all the time, you never know exactly what size envelope you're going to need.

The same is true of pretty much any small or large business out there. To make sure you have the right shipping supplies for every mailing situation, shop Walmart Canada to find dozens of envelope options to fit your needs.

We carry everything from letter-sized envelopes to legal options and more. Buy in bulk for big savings or shop for smaller quantities at great prices. Why overpay for an envelope or risk running out of what you need?

Whether you're mailing gifts or you're running a small business, get your operating at peak efficiency with office essentials and packaging solutions from Walmart Canada, your one-stop source for all shipping needs.



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