Present Information with Whiteboards

Write or draw visual aids and presentations on these whiteboards from Walmart Canada. Pair these presenting essentials with markers for dry erase boards, then use single or multiple colours to share notes with your class, provide quarterly information to employees or track your creative ideas or to-do lists. No matter if you need small whiteboards for your desktop, extra-large options for corporate conference rooms or medium-size boards ideal for posting office notices, this selection offers numerous styles, sizes and accessories perfect for placement in spaces like yours.

Share Notes and Information on White Boards

Use a large whiteboard as a handy spot for notes you need to share with others. They work great in classrooms, allowing you to jot down schedules, provide class assignments and deliver information found outside of textbooks. Likewise, dry erase boards perform equally well in the office, giving you space to lay out charts and statistics during employee meetings and share information with new workers during their orientation and training periods. High-quality options from trusted brands like Quartet make these whiteboards strong and durable enough to last for years with simple maintenance and cleaning.

Make and Track Lists on Dry Erase Boards

Mount a whiteboard in your personal space to keep track of daily scheduling. Use calendar-style dry erase boards to stay on top of your kids' extracurricular activities or important appointments for elders in your care. Many of these options double as a magnetic dry erase board, providing an easy way to keep paperwork like permission slips, prescriptions and note pads alongside your family's schedule. Compact whiteboards that fit on your lap give you an eco-friendly way to keep class notes for later transcription to your laptop or PC, while larger vinyl chalkboard designs that go on and come off your wall with ease work especially well for decorating kids' rooms and adding whimsy to your den or personal library.

Hang Notices and Fliers on Magnetic White Boards

Provide extra information at presentations by using magnetic whiteboards to supply handouts before or after your lecture. Perfect for both personal and professional spaces, magnetic white boards paired with office supplies like magnets and clips help you fashion a unique information station with multiple ways to share and track family or workplace information. Use it as a bulletin board in your business's front hallway for a handy spot for HR to post important company dates and applications for job openings. Alternatively, hang it near the entrance of your classroom to host fuss-free sign-up sheets and mount study guides for each student to take. Combine magnetic functionality with the ease of thumbtacks by opting instead for a dry erase cork board. Whether you want simple, utilitarian whiteboards for no-frills spaces or elegant frosted glass boards ideal for modern homes and offices, Walmart Canada offers a range of office essentials that suit almost any need.

Get Creative with Top-Notch Whiteboard Accessories

Discover accessories at Walmart Canada that expand the utility of your whiteboards. Choose colourful dry erase markers by trusted brands like Expo when you want to create personal signs, share colour-coded graphs at conferences or highlight study information in the classroom, or opt for basic black markers to give your presentations a professional touch. Find kits packed with a whiteboard, markers and magnets for an easy solution to home or office sharing or select freestanding units that don't mar your wall and allow fuss-free transport all around your space. Dry erase chalk markers work great with large rolls of vinyl chalkboard that stick to your wall and come off residue-free, while erasers let you easily wipe away marks when you need to share updated information. 





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