For the Classroom, Work and Art

The correct writing supplies can make things so much easier. Jotting down lists, handling homework or taking on tough tasks in the office just isn't the same without a good utensil to write with. With so many choices for the perfect pencil, you can find the right model for every activity and member of your family.

Shop Walmart Canada to find the ideal writing tool for every situation, whether it be a high-quality mechanical pencil or a classic one made from sturdy wood. Our great prices and wide range of options mean you can buy several things at once without breaking the bank.  

Classroom Writing Supplies

Working on fractions, learning long division and mastering algebra all require students to have something to write with. While pens might work in some classes, you need something that lets you erase and correct your mistakes in math. That's where the almighty pencil really shines.

Look for multi-packs of wooden pencils with high-quality erasers for students. These work well for math homework, taking notes or filling in bubbles on standardized tests. And make sure you add pencil sharpeners to your shopping list! After all, what good does a dull pencil do when it's time to take a math test?

Hard cases and erasers are also must-have items for students of all ages. Lots of styles make it easy for them to pick the one they like best.

The Right One for Work

Getting the job done on time requires you to have the right tools at your disposal. To get the most out of your work day, carpenter pencils and specialty items like grease pencils give you the flexibility and convenience to do your job right.

Mechanical pencils are also a good choice for the office since they're easy to use and don't have to be sharpened like regular wooden options. That makes them wonderful for taking notes in class, or even just leaving messages by the phone.

Mechanical models also come with a range of grip choices so your hand never gets tired, no matter how much you write. Look for packs of mechanical sets for both the office and home use. And don't worry about running out of lead--with, you'll find a huge supply of replacement lead for your favourite high-end models.

Shop our selection of office supplies for items like paper, mailing envelopes, file cabinets and storage essentials.

Fun and Colourful Options

All work and no play - well, you know what they say about that! With quality pencils designed for drawing and creating art, you can make the most of your sketchbook or individual pieces of drawing paper.

For a unique addition to your art, shop for colourful writing utensils. Bold neon hues, along with classic coloured sets, give you a huge variety to choose from for drawing and colouring. Affordable markers and crayons are also ideal for kids who enjoy working in their colouring books or freehand.

Give your pens a friend with drawing tools and pencils for school, home, work and creative play. Walmart Canada has dozens of different options at everyday low prices so that you can buy whatever you need, whenever you need it!




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