The Perfect Pen for Every Situation

If you're like most people, you use pens throughout the day in the office, at the bank, at home and a dozen other locations. Sure, more and more stuff gets done on your computer or phone, but the good old pen can't be replaced when it comes to speed and convenience.

At Walmart Canada, you can find a huge selection of pens for every writing style. From taking down phone numbers to classroom notes and boardroom meetings, the right writing utensil can be yours without spending an arm and a leg. Erasers and correction options make altering your work easy, too.

Multi-Pen Packs

Most people use their pen for jotting down a phone number, taking some notes at work in their home office or handling basic tasks like writing checks. For that reason, having multiples around that work in different locations is a wise idea.

When you shop for multi-pen packs, you can stash a writing instrument in every drawer, so you're never on the hunt for one when you need it most. Options with grip-guards, classic caps and retractable pens let you pick the model that works for you.

Study and Play

Pencils may rule the roost in math class, but that doesn't mean your budding scholar doesn't need an assortment of pens for taking notes. They're also required for working on essays and finishing homework for most students over a certain age.

Shop for multi-pack pen sets in black or blue for daily writing. Ballpoint pens are often the best ones for students since their robust casing will keep them from leaking when stored in backpacks and pants pockets. Best of all, they'll give your student months of life so they'll never fail mid-test. Add red to your child's arsenal for in-class proofreading and correction.

After their homework is done, give your kids a unique colour palette for drawing, sketching or just doodling. In multi-coloured pen sets, neon options and gel pens can be a lot of fun to play around with between classes or during lunch. Highlighters, markers and pencil cases for storage are also bright buys for students of all ages.


Packages of basic writing instruments are excellent for general purposes and kids. But when you spend a lot of time writing, or if what you're writing really matters, you may want a high-quality pen to work with.

Shop for individual and two-packs designed to deliver quality writing whether you prefer print, freehand or cursive. Fine and medium point sizing give you more control while choosing from multiple body sizes and grip types allows you to pick the best pens for you. As a bonus, the quality ink used inside these products will stay on the page, so you don't have to worry about fading.

An Old-Style Option

Fountain pens are still alive and well, and at Walmart Canada, you can shop for unique options that are perfect for things like day-to-day use, special occasion signings like weddings, or those mortgage papers for your first house.

Available in many different styles and price points, you can also find several ink colours ranging from basic black and blue to more colourful options.

Whatever you write down each day, having the correct writing utensil matters. Shop Walmart Canada today to find a wide array of pens, pencils and office supplies for home, school and work.




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