Otterbox for Screen Protection 

There's nothing worse than dropping your new phone or iPad and discovering a crack across your screen. Sometimes you get lucky and your phone survives a handful of falls before it breaks, but sometimes one drop is all it takes for your screen to shatter. At Walmart Canada, you can find Otterbox cases for most major phone brands that can provide additional protection from drops or scratches.

Fall Protection

When you drop your phone without a case, it's fragile glass screen is in direct contact with the ground. Otterbox cases provide a cushion so that your screen is less likely to come into contact with the ground but are designed so that you still have access to all the buttons on your phone's edge. These cases also allow you to use all the buttons on your phone through the case. Larger cases are more protective but are also bulkier. Luckily there are a variety of case sizes available at Walmart so that you can decide how much protection you need.

Scratch Protection

When your phone is in your bag or pocket, sharp objects can easily scratch the screen. Buying a case that comes with a screen protector helps reduce the chance of scratching occurring. You can also purchase screen protectors without a case if you don't want to add extra bulk to your phone. For example, you can find the Otterbox Clearly Protected Alpha Glass Screen Protector, which is available for a variety of phone and tablet models.

Cases for iPhone, Samsung, LG, and More

Otterbox cases aren't limited to only iPhones or Samsung. At Walmart Canada, you can find cases for phones and tablets made by LG, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, and others. 

Types of Cases

Cases in the Commuter Series offer a stylish exterior but still manage to provide dependable protection for your phone. They are a good choice if you want a durable case that's still small enough to fit into your pocket. 

If you want a slimmer option, cases in the Symmetry Series offer a little less protection but come in eye-catching designs and aren't as bulky. Even though it's one of the smaller cases available, the raised edges still offer protection to your screen when your phone falls flat on the ground. 

If you need heavy duty protection, try a case from Defender Series. Its foam-lined inner shell helps protect your phone from falls while the outer layer defends against dirt and dust. Another advantage of Defender cases is that they come with a built-in screen protector. However, one downside is all the extra padding may make this case too bulky for your pocket.

Cases at Great Prices

At you can find cases in the electronics department at affordable prices to keep your phone or tablet looking like new longer. When choosing a case, you will need to decide on a balance between size and protection. If you're the kind of person who drops their phone often, consider a larger model like the Defender. However, if you feel you would rather trade a little protection for slimness, try a case from the Symmetry Series.  




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