Portable BBQs


Turn Up the Heat with a Portable BBQ

The smoky flavour of perfectly grilled food is a culinary delight. Meat that is falling-off-the-bone tender and vegetables with crisp lines of char create plates that may take you back to childhood family gatherings or simply please the palate. Whether you enjoy grilled food regularly or are planning a big backyard gathering, a portable BBQ can help you deliver flavourful plates and succulent sides. Walmart Canada stocks a wide variety of outdoor cooking tools including your choice of portable grills.

Types of Portable Grills

Portable BBQ grills come in three basic styles — gas, electric and charcoal. Each type of grill works well in the right setting. For a camping trip, if you're already bringing charcoal along, a small hibachi might be the grill for you. If you want to cook over the fire on most nights but need a backup option in case it rains, a gas grill is always ready for cooking. If you plan to cook in the backyard or your campsite has electricity, a hot plate or electric grill is an option. Before you make your decision, consider what, where and how you plan to cook, along with the number of people you need to feed. A portable gas grill lets you churn out food faster than a charcoal version, but you may not get as much smoky flavour. 

What's on the Menu?

A portable BBQ grill gives you plenty of options for cooking. A propane camping grill lets you boil a pot of water, whip out the skillet or sear a steak. Depending on the style, a portable gas grill is a lot like using a cooktop. If you plan to slow cook meat and want a smoked flavour, you might want a camping BBQ grill that uses charcoal. For quick cooking vegetables and other side dishes, or if you have food packed to heat and eat, you can use virtually any style of portable BBQ grill. Vegetable skewers and kabobs are easy to make while camping, and so are traditional foods like hamburgers and hot dogs. Plan out your menu before you choose the cooking device to pack for your next trip.  

Grilling Accessories

Tools and utensils are a must when cooking on a portable BBQ grill. Long-handled tongs and spatulas keep your hands out of the fire while you maneuver burgers and skewers over the flames. You might even want to grab a pair of fire-resistant safety gloves so that you can reach right into the campfire or touch hot food on the grill. Cleaning tools are another important investment. Leftover carbon, dirt and debris can all give your next meal an unpleasant flavour and odour. A steel grill brush and some elbow grease keep your grill plate ready for action. 

Completing Your Camping Kit

When planning a camping trip, two of the most important things to plan are sleeping arrangements and meals. With a portable BBQ grill, you can cook delicious food like campfire pizzas and pulled pork, but for a comfortable campsite, you also need the right tent and sleeping gear. A three-season sleeping bag on an air mattress can give you a good night's rest and get you ready for a day spent cooking up some tender and delicious BBQ flavours. 

Walmart Canada offers a wide variety of camping gear and portable BBQ grills to help make your trips into the wilderness comfortable and fun. 




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