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Satisfy Your Green Thumb with Handpicked Planters

Container gardening is an effective way to enjoy the pursuit of a beloved pastime. By placing seeds and sprouts in planters, you can target your efforts to set locations and more easily control water levels, unwanted weeds and soil conditions. This lets you move them around to the ideal light levels and growing conditions for your choices. In addition to helping gardeners achieve success, they are intuitive to place and blend seamlessly into formal settings and casual nooks both inside and outside your home. Plant pots, particularly those made of plastic or clay, are also highly customizable, letting artistic individuals craft unique pieces through the use of paints and stains.

The Classic Terra Cotta Planter

Clay is a timeless choice of materials for indoor and outdoor plants. Its earthy brown colour is iconic in gardens and looks natural with any type of plant, including greenery or simple ferns and elegant, layered blossoms on roses or peonies. The porous qualities of clay improve air flow and remove excess moisture in the soil, which helps prevent root diseases in plants that prefer dry conditions such as cacti and succulents.

Step Up and Show Off

Decorative outdoor planters add interest to your front entry and let you show off your green thumb to visitors. The wide variety of garden pots available on Walmart Canada ensures you can find the ideal appearance to complement the atmosphere of your home. Choices include matching sets of vessels to line sidewalks and whimsical animal shapes and novelty pieces that fill porch steps with your personality.

Layer in Texture and Colour

Plant stands are the perfect way to use available space and conveniently lift your plants to a height that is easier to reach while tending. Metal and waterproof materials withstand exposure to the elements so that you can create an eye-catching vertical growing space on patios and decks, and indoor bookcase ladders and corner stands make it easy to add the appeal of live plants to living rooms and offices.

Climbing to New Heights

Planter boxes with a built-in trellis simplify growing climbing roses and flowering vines such as morning glories, mandevillas and clematis. These can be used to form dazzling privacy screens that transform outdoor living spaces into cozy retreats. Vegetable growers can take advantage of this straightforward design as well to cultivate cucumbers, pole beans and peas which require support to develop properly.

Hanging Gardens

Hangers made with macramé and beads add a country-style air to kitchen decorations while letting you dangle houseplants in front of windows and above tables or bars. An effortless DIY craft, these ropes slip around plant pots to create a focal point in key areas and enhance the detail of interior designs. 
Outdoors they transform ordinary flowers into pendants that adorn porches and decks like living jewels.

Vintage Charm

Window boxes are a key element of cottage gardens, and the wide selection of styles and material types on the market let you embellish your theme. Novelty planters that look like antique bikes, wicker baskets and galvanized steel tubs and buckets set the stage for old-fashioned designs and complement the atmosphere created by wildflowers and heritage blooms.

Practical Innovations

Self-watering flower pots are among the time-saving tools that can be used to boost efficiency in the garden. Water reservoirs within these clever planters keep the soil moist in between watering so you can reduce how often this chore is required. Globe and bulb waterers let you add this effect to any of your favourite traditional containers. Potato grow bags and hanging strawberry planters are two other examples of specialty designs that streamline your efforts and increase potential yields at harvest.

Brighten a Shady Area

Many varieties of grass and plants struggle to survive in deep shade, and even those that are tolerant of low-light conditions can become listless when competing among tree roots for nutrients. However, groups of pots let you quickly place patches of healthy soil in bare spaces in your yard without disturbing the vital root systems of bushes and shade trees. These containers provide sheltered locations for species such as hostas, bleeding hearts, coleus and impatiens to flourish.




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