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Turn Your Pool Into a Playground With Fun Pool Floats

Nothing captures that lazy summer feeling better than a day spent at the pool or lake. Swimming and splashing is a big part of the fun, but sometimes you just want to drift away and relax. Luckily, there are plenty of pool floats, pool noodles and other accessories to help you enjoy your day, whether it involves playing with the kids or soaking up some sun with a cool drink close at hand.

Classic Pool Loungers

When it's time to relax, it's hard to beat classic reclining pool floats. The typical version resembles a thin inflatable bed and is just the right size for one person to spread out on and enjoy without getting wet. Look for loungers with built-in pillows and cup holders for a little extra comfort while you work on your tan.

If you want to have even more fun, choose ones in fun shapes, colours and patterns. Pool loungers shaped like beer or wine bottles create a fun party atmosphere, while animal print or other fun designs add a personalized touch that you can coordinate with your favourite swimwear.

Floating Hammocks and Chairs

If you want a little more immersion than a full lounger, look for a floating hammock. These combine the best of both worlds by providing plenty of room for you to lean back and float without effort, but they have a mesh body to let you sink into the water a bit and stay cool. Chair-style pool floats typically keep most of your body out of the water but let your legs stay submerged for extra comfort. Some also have mesh sections to keep a little more of your body in the water, making them great for hot days.

Pool Floats for Kids

While many pool loungers are designed for adults, there are plenty that can help your kids have fun. Pool noodles are a great toy that can help kids stay afloat during active play and come in a variety of colours and styles to suit any family. A foam pool noodle can often be cut down to size for smaller children to use.

Ride-on pool floats are another way to help your kids enjoy the water. These large floats often come in the shape of cute animals or cool vehicles to encourage imaginative play. Look for interactive versions that include water guns or sprinklers for extra fun.

Wearable Pool Floats

Not all floats are big and separate. Wearable arm floaties are a great way to give your kids a little extra confidence in the water. They're good for children who are learning to swim but still need some support. For younger kids, float suits or puddle-jumper life vests are a way to provide even more safety at the pool. Look for versions with your little ones' favourite colours and characters on them to make it even more enjoyable.

Floats for the Whole Family

If you want the whole family to enjoy the water at the same time, consider an extra-large pool float designed for multiple users. These floating islands typically support four to six people as well as coolers and other gear so you can enjoy a floating picnic or party. Look for floats with removable sun shades if you plan to spend the day on the lake, or opt for a simple floating mat if you just want to provide an island where people can swim up and grab drinks, sunscreen or other essentials without getting out of the water.

Floating Accessories

Pool floats aren't just for people. If you're having a pool party, floating cup holders are a great accessory that can help your guests stay refreshed. Choose multiple individual colours to help people tell their drinks apart if they float away.

If you plan to spend a long time out on the water, a floating cooler can be just the thing. These insulated floats help keep your drinks and snacks cool so you can enjoy them all day. Some come with additional pockets for sunglasses and other pool accessories.

Whether you're looking for a little extra edge during a rowdy game of Marco Polo or simply looking to relax and enjoy the waves, Walmart Canada has a wide selection of pool floats and noodles to meet your needs.




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