Pool Cleaning Supplies


Keep Your Water Clean with Pool Supplies 

Swim with confidence by using pool supplies designed for cleaning and maintenance. Whether you need automatic pool cleaners that run while you're at work, skimmers and nets that help you keep leaves and debris out of your water or ready-made kits for testing complete with pool chemicals, this selection of pool supplies from Walmart Canada has just what you need to ensure maximum swimming enjoyment. 

Automatic Pool Cleaners 

Whether you have an above-ground or in-ground swimming pool, automatic pool cleaners provide a handy way to keep your pool swim-ready. Many of these pool care options connect to your existing filter system for easy setup, and most have timers so you can set them to operate on a schedule. Weight sets that attach to these pool supplies keep them from floating to the surface, ensuring they stay at the bottom where they belong. This selection also includes replacement parts for automatic pool cleaners, including hoses, skimmer covers and tune-up kits, to help you keep your maintenance system working optimally.  

Pool Supplies: Rakes, Skimmers and Nets 

Scoop debris from your pool water in a flash with rakes, skimmers and nets from Walmart.ca. Many of these rake and net pool supplies include telescoping handles to help you reach into the middle of your pool to collect leaves and twigs, while skimmer baskets work with your filtration and vacuum systems to capture debris from automatic pool cleaning equipment and vacuums. The lift-out design of skimmer baskets makes them simple to remove, dump and replace for fast, easy pool maintenance. 

Pool Maintenance Kits 

Use ready-made kits in this pool supplies collection to prep your pool for summer. Test kits help you balance the water by indicating the need for pool chemicals, and the strip-style design ensures hassle-free testing. When you know your pool pH levels, it's easy to add chemicals to enhance your swimming experience. Other items in pool maintenance kits include pool supplies like nets, skimmer baskets, wall brushes and thermometers, giving you a simple way to stock up all at once. 

Pool Vacuums 

Make short work of spot pool cleaning with pool vacuums designed for easy use. Hook these vacuums up to your existing filtration system, then put them to use cleaning the bottom or sides of your swimming pool. These manual vacuums supplement automatic pool cleaning systems so that you can easily attack debris and stains by hand. This pool supplies collection has both in-ground and above-ground vacuums to ensure you get exactly the tools you require for fuss-free maintenance. 

Pool Brushes 

Give your swimming pool bottom and walls a manual scrubbing with these pool brushes. Steel bristles help you tackle tough stains on concrete, while softer polypropylene bristles let you clean pools with liners made from similar material without damage. These pool cleaners typically fit on standard-size telescoping poles so you can reach every inch, no matter if it's a metal-frame swimming pool you set up for your kids to slash in on vacation or a professionally installed in-ground pool that you use for morning workouts. 




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