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Boost Your Curb Appeal by Using a Lawnmower

The first thing people notice about your home is the front yard. If the grass is neat and tidy, it helps make the house look appealing. When the grass is overgrown and messy, it can leave neighbours with the impression that the house is empty or in need of renovation. A lawnmower helps you get an even cut across your entire yard, instantly giving your house a bit of a facelift. Whether you have a small, compact yard or acres of grass, Walmart Canada has a lawnmower that you can use to cut it into shape. 

Types of Lawnmowers

Cutting your grass down to an even carpet of green means using the right tools. A lawnmower cuts all grass and greenery at an exact distance from the ground. This creates an even look across the entire yard. Some lawnmowers are easier to use than others, and some might have you reaching for the broom when you're done. Here is a quick look at the different options.

Using a Manual Lawnmower

Sometimes known as push mowers, a manual lawnmower has no motorized parts. You provide all of the forward motion and cutting strength. Blades near the ground rotate as you propel the unit forward, cutting the grass. While these are an inexpensive option to buy, a push mower is not ideal for larger lawns and doesn't cut as close to the ground, so you may wind up mowing the lawn more often. If you have slow-growing grass, this might be a good choice.

Gassing Up a Motorized Mower

Gas lawn mowers, like those made by Remington, have plenty of power and are relatively easy to push. The motor provides the cutting force, so the mower easily chops down any small plants in the way. For larger plants, you might need to put on some gardening gloves and do a little weeding. It can run until the gas tank is empty, and you can keep going as soon as you add more gas. 

Electric Lawnmowers

Electric lawn mowers come in two basic styles: battery-operated or plug-in. When mowing with a cord attached to the machine, be sure to avoid running over the cable. A plug-in electric start lawn mower can run for as long as your electric is turned on and to the end of the length of the attached extension cord. Battery-operated mowers work well for smaller lawns. Battery life tends to be approximately half an hour to an hour. Some models from manufacturers like Black & Decker may offer options that come with multiple batteries so that you can swap one out and keep going. 

Easy Operating Features

Some lawnmowers, like those made by Yard Machines, offer the self-propelled feature. You start the machine and engage the self-propel option and the lawnmower takes over. A self-propelled lawn mower moves forward with little to no effort. This feature takes some of the work out of keeping your lawn neat and tidy and is available for both gas and electric models.

Other Lawn Accessories

In addition to a lawnmower, you may need a few other tools to keep your yard in tip-top shape. A string trimmer can cut down tall weeds or give the end of your yard a clean edge. Protective domes go over the plants you want to keep, protecting them from mowers and trimmers. Installing borders and using mulch to retard weed growth makes it easier to keep your grass and garden separate. 





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