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Prepare for the Sun with a Patio Umbrella

As the weather warms up, you may find yourself spending more time lounging on your deck or sitting on the patio enjoying the scents and sounds of spring and summer. If you sit exposed in the sun for hours, you either need plenty of sunscreen or a place in the shade. As the sun shifts, the shade moves, unless you're sitting under a maneuverable patio umbrella. When you have portable shade at your fingertips, you can spend hours in the yard, appreciating your garden and the great outdoors. Walmart Canada offers a variety of options for decorating your patio and umbrella to protect you from the rays of the sun.

Types of Patio Umbrellas

Most outdoor shade umbrellas are designed to work with your patio table. There are several types of patio table umbrellas, including tilting, offset, tiki-style or a lighted option. A tilting patio umbrella lets you change the angle of the protection to match the movement of the sun. An offset umbrella works with tables that don't have inbuilt mounting for an umbrella. These tiki-style options give your outdoor space a holiday vibe with island-inspired decorations. Some umbrellas have solar lights included on the underside of the fabric to provide illumination at night. 

Features and Accessories

While most patio umbrellas are designed to offer shade, some come with extra features for more functionality. For example, a patio umbrella might have a system to close the umbrellas quickly and easily in case of a storm. Some umbrellas may also offer protection against the rain, letting you enjoy all types of outdoor weather. Others may have the option to add a patio umbrella stand, turning your table umbrella into a freestanding outdoor sun shade. 

Furnishing Your Patio

When choosing the furniture for your patio, be sure to consider the angle of the sun. You want furniture that lets you enjoy the space while also providing some protection. Patio shade might only be available during certain times of the day without extra options like a patio umbrella. Lounge chairs, tables and comfortable seating all make your patio and extension of your home. You might also want an outdoor kitchen and cooking area if you plan to do a lot of grilling.

Other Shade Options

While a patio umbrella offers spot protection against the sun, you might have portable furniture that also needs shade. Pop up tents, gazebos and sail shades or retractable roofs all offer extra shade when you need it and can be conveniently stored when you don't. Retractable roofs can protect a much larger area and are a solid solution for shade near a building. Pop-up tents go up quickly and may come with optional side panels to block out wind or rain. 

Storing Patio Furniture

In heavy winds, it is important to pack up your outdoor furniture to prevent it from blowing away and causing damage. Most patio umbrellas fold up into small packages. Your seating may also fold flat. When a storm is on the horizon, you may want to put your furniture away in the garage or basement. For times when the wind is moderate but heavy rains are expected, consider grabbing any cushions and placing them in watertight storage containers. Deck boxes can often fit multiple folding chairs, giving you a place to store furniture. A shed is another storage alternative for lightweight furniture or camping gear. 

Walmart Canada stocks a variety of patio furniture and storage solutions for your outdoor entertaining space. 




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