Ponds & Pond Accessories


Decorate Your Home with Flowing Fountains and Soothing Ponds

Enhance your garden or yard with an outdoor solar fountain that introduces a cascade of flowing water into your landscape, or bring a water feature indoors with a tabletop model. Ponds and decorative pools add serene beauty to your outdoor living space. These attention-getting water features from Walmart Canada set a soothing tone anywhere you install them.

Traditional Outdoor Fountains

If you're designing a traditional garden in a specific style, classic fountains help complete the landscaped look. Match your water feature with garden decor to create an overall theme. Classic spouting figures and animal-head designs fit into an architecturally distinct courtyard, while rustic models with tiered wooden barrels or galvanized metal pans accentuate a farmhouse theme. 

Incorporate ancient spiritual beliefs into your garden with a Buddha fountain and meditate to the background sound of burbling water over stone. The natural world provides another inspiration for outdoor water features, and you can use a model featuring smooth stones or rock slabs to emphasize your connection to nature. Bamboo tubes with water flowing through the cylinders offer another traditional option for an outdoor water display. Bird baths with streaming water invite avian neighbours to visit your yard.

Modern Cascades

Updating your contemporary backyard is easy with sleek fountains featuring modern designs. Stainless steel arches create a waterfall effect into a larger pool, while sleek clay bowls send the flow streaming in a controlled line down the tiers. Bold geometric shapes and asymmetric tier placement set a sophisticated tone on your porch or patio.

Peaceful Ponds

A smooth expanse of water sets the mind at ease, and you can bring this kind of beauty to your yard with a built-in pond or reflecting pool. Pond liners help keep water contained and prevent accidental seepage into nearby spaces, and pool builder kits provide the essentials you need to install a small pond at home. Stock up on pond chemicals to make the water suitable for koi or to help limit growth of mold and algae.

Floating Water Features

Attract attention to the small lake, pond or pool in your yard with floating water features. Solar fountain pumps sit on the water surface and send a spray of droplets in a high arch, aerating the water while providing a dramatic visual display. Many models feature integrated LED lights to create a fun showpiece after dark. 

Floating decorative LED balls add a delightful hint of illumination to a still pool or pond at night. Another option is permanent pond lights that brighten up the edges or bottom of your pool with changing colours. Coordinate your pool illumination with hanging fairy lights, glowing lanterns and other outdoor lighting to create a cohesive evening look.

Tabletop Fountain

Bring the beauty of flowing water indoors with a tabletop fountain. These decorative pieces are smaller than those intended for use outdoors, so they fit easily onto a desk, end table or shelf. Surround your indoor water feature with live or faux plants in decorative planters to create a private oasis in your living room or den. Long power cords let you plug into any available outlet, making it easy to power the submersible pump.

Parts and Accessories

Keep the water flowing with fountain parts and accessories. Compact pumps and tubing let you make repairs as needed, and filters help prevent clogging. Water thermometers help you track the temperature of your pond or pool, while fountain covers protect your outdoor water feature from inclement weather and reduce dust build-up between uses.





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