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Camp Comfortably with a Hammock

Whether you're looking for unique patio furniture or want a relaxing seat while enjoying the great outdoors, a hammock might be a good choice. Secured to two trees or a portable stand, these swaying seats rock you gently as you enjoy the breeze and sun. At Walmart Canada, you can find plenty of options for a patio swing or hammock. 

Types of Hammocks

Swinging chairs and lounges come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can enjoy a single person chair that rocks gently or a hammock sized for two. Chair swings have a taller back and let you sit upright. Lounge styles have enough length for you to lay down and grab a nap. Indoor swings often have a frame around the seat area.

With all of the different options, you may want to try several before selecting the most comfortable option. Most of these woven seats and beds fold up small enough to fit in a backpack. In good weather, that makes them a solid choice for a hiking trip. If your tent is tall enough, you might even be able to set your handing bed up inside with the right stand. If not, consider some heavy-duty bug repellent to keep the insects away.  

Other Rocking Seats for the Outdoors

Hammocks are just one style of rocker. A patio swing also lets you rock back and forth, but these typically have a solid frame and don't mold to fit your body. A swing is more like a rocking chair suspended in the air. Some come with stands so that you can set them up anywhere. Others use hook and chain installations for use on a porch or with a tree. 

Choosing a Hammock Swing and Stand

When selecting a hammock, you have several considerations. Make sure to check the weight limit. Some can support more than 450 pounds while others top out at just above 130 pounds. For double-sized versions, make sure the fabric you choose can support your combined weight. 

Hammock stands and frames come in several varieties. A steel frame might stand up to 9 feet tall, giving you plenty of ground clearance when you tie the lines off tightly. A stand can typically work with swings of at least 10 feet in length and up to 15 feet. You may want to choose a kit that comes with a stand to make sure the swing fits.

Some outdoor hammocks and swings are designed as chairs. It may come with a cushioned area around the seat and a solid frame around the edge. Unlike a swinging bed, hammock chairs usually only need a single tree for installation. 

A patio swing might need a stud for installation. Two hooks on either side screw directly into the ceiling beam. Freestanding options can go up anywhere, but this style of rocking seat is usually not easily portable. 

Other Outdoor Accessories

In addition to a swing, you might want to grab a few other seating options for a camping trip. Inflatable furniture lets you get comfortable anywhere, while camping chairs fold up for easy storage and don't need any external support. Some camping chairs even come with a built-in tray to make it easy to eat or play a tabletop game. 

Walmart Canada offers a variety of outdoor seating options, hammocks and other portable swings. 




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