Perk Up with High-Quality Coffee

Enhance your morning routine with high-quality coffee from Walmart Canada. Choose single-serve coffee pods for making quick custom cups, or brew entire carafes with whole bean and ground coffees. Instant coffee options work great for when you don't have a coffee maker handy, making them ideal for use when road-tripping, hiking or camping. No matter if you want fresh coffee before you get ready for work, a quick cup before you tackle a big report or a delicious pick-me-up to beat the afternoon slump, this selection has pods, beans and ready-to-brew coffees that suit your taste and lifestyle.

Coffee Pods

Make quick cups with your Keurig or Tassimo-compatible brewer and coffee pods and discs. K-cups and T-discs work in single-serve coffee machines, letting you brew beverages in under a minute. Perfect for use at home and in the workplace, these quick-brewing coffee capsules from top-notch brands like Tim Hortons, Jumping Bean, Maxwell House and Van Houtte provide you with delicious taste while offering fast, simple clean-up because the pod keeps coffee grounds contained. Enjoy pre-made coffee pods in bulk packages, or use eco-friendly reusable pods to make your own blends with your favourite ground and whole bean coffees.

Instant Coffee

Enjoy a tasty beverage even when away from civilization with instant coffee. Containers with multiple servings let you make cups of flavoured coffee such as French vanilla and English toffee cappuccinos, while single-serve mocha coffee packets from brands like Nescafe and Starbucks allow on-the-go use whether you're off to work or class. Premium instant coffees like Maxwell House's International Foods line deliver delicious flavour, ideal for sipping day or night, while liquid coffee mixes make it simple to prepare refreshing iced coffee drinks in a flash. 

Ground Coffee

Prep your drip-style coffee maker for morning goodness by filling it with water and your choice of ground coffee from Walmart Canada. These bags and canisters of pre-ground beans offer fresh, premium taste and convenient brewing, and big containers from brands like McDonald's, Folgers and Tim Hortons keep you well stocked with your favourite hot drinks. Choose from a vast array of ground coffee blends with roast levels from super dark to light and airy, or select single-origin options for bold, unique flavour, ideal for sharing with friends and family.

Whole Bean Coffee

Revel in the ritual of morning coffee by choosing whole bean coffee options that suit your personal preferences. Discover blends and single-origin coffee beans that delight your taste buds, scoop them into your coffee grinder to achieve the ideal consistency, then brew them in your percolator, French press or Chemex rig to get the perfect cup every time. Whether you enjoy robust medium-roast blends from Kicking Horse, traditional Colombian blends by Melitta or gourmet organic blends by premium brands like Bean Head, this selection has the perfect whole bean coffee to suit your tastes and mood.

Coffee Filters

Keep your coffee makers in excellent working order with coffee filters and accessories from Walmart Canada. This selection includes both cone and basket-style coffee filters alongside washable and reusable options, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your particular machine. Pour-over coffee equipment lets you experiment with different brewing styles, while filters designed to fit inside the water reservoir of certain coffee makers ensure clean water for your coffee every time. Pair these coffee selections and accessories with coffee mugs for home and travel to enjoy every last drop of your favourite brew.




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