Sparkling Water

Sip Sparkling Water for Flavourful, Fizzy Hydration

Sometimes when you're trying to meet your daily quota of eight glasses of water a day, plain water just won't do. For quenching your thirst a different way, try one of the many sparkling water selections available from brands you recognize at Walmart Canada.

Plain Sparkling Water

Carbonated water, or plain seltzer water, is typically regular water that's been infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure to create bubbles and carbonation. It's offered as a good alternative to other soft drinks, since most choices typically contain no calories, sugar or caffeine. Brands such as San Pellegrino and Perrier offer plain sparkling water choices in a variety of sizes, from slim cans you can tuck into your lunchbox at work to larger 750mL bottles for sharing at dinner with friends.

Flavoured Sparkling Water

Seltzer water comes in a variety of flavours to suit your tastes and preferences. For eye-opening zest, choose grapefruit, lemon or lime flavours from popular brands such as Bubly or Dasani. Pick up a 12-pack of cans to stock up on your favourite kinds, and you'll have enough to last you multiple days. Larger 1L bottles are great for setting on the dinner table to share with your family.

Sweeter flavours such as black cherry and strawberry satisfy your sweet tooth without added sugar or calories. Whip up a fun spiked strawberry spritzer to share with guests at an outdoor summer barbecue, or enjoy a can at the beach while you soak up some rays and read a good book.

Sparkling Coconut Water

Coconut water is a popular drink among Canadians, as many believe it may have antioxidant properties and may support heart health. If you enjoy coconut water but are looking for a unique sparkling version, Walmart Canada has you covered. Options from Thirsty Buddha in delicious flavours such as grapefruit, watermelon and pineapple let you enjoy one of your favourite beverages in a unique way.

Tonic Water

Tonic water has a unique bitter flavour and is often used in the creation of mixed drinks, such as gin and tonic. You may choose to drink it on its own, though, and Walmart Canada offers choices from popular brands like Schweppes to satisfy your needs. Interestingly, a clear bottle of tonic water also makes an excellent night light, as it has a bright glow when placed near a black light. Try using them as a unique light source for your next party, or use it as an outdoor camping light for a bit more visibility. 

Sparkling Water Packaging

For your convenience, Walmart Canada offers seltzer water in a variety of forms, so you can purchase the ones that make sense for your needs. Boxes of stackable aluminum cans are easy to store in the fridge and provide plenty of individual servings to last you until your next shopping trip. Plastic bottles with resealable caps let you pour multiple cold glasses throughout the day or evening but take up a bit more space in the fridge. Six packs of 500mL bottles provide a bit more seltzer than a can and are easily portable for taking with you on picnics or to work.

Whether you're a regular seltzer water drinker shopping for timeless favourites or you're looking to try an alternate beverage to soda, you can find plenty of options in this selection at or at your local store.




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