PAW Patrol


PAW Patrol games, toys, accessories and more are available at Walmart Canada. PAW Patrol is an animated series about the adventures of a group of rescue dogs. Together, these puppies work together to protect those around them. Whether saving a train, or rescuing a kitten, the PAW Patrol is up for the challenge. Young children love the adorable puppies of the PAW Patrol, and their adventures can keep them entertained for hours on end.

PAW Patrol Toys

No job is too big, and no pup is too small for playtime, and PAW Patrol toys are sure to keep children entertained for hours by creating their own adventures for these courageous puppies. From vehicles, to figures, and much more, children’s playtime can provide endless fun with PAW Patrol.

PAW Patrol Clothing & Accessories

After playtime, PAW Patrol clothing, and other accessories such as towels, bed sheet sets, and dining sets can add to a child’s happiness and enjoyment of PAW Patrol. You can even store your PAW Patrol toys in a PAW Patrol toy organizer!

There’s also a vast selection of PAW Patrol games and puzzles to help your child develop, learn and grow. There’s even adorable PAW Patrol clothing to show off your child’s excitement for the PAW Patrol. Walmart Canada carries a wide selection of toys, games and puzzles that are sure to keep children of all ages entertained for hours on end.




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