Britain's Favourite Pig: Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is one of the most beloved cartoon pig characters of all time alongside Piglet, Porky Pig, and Miss Piggy. She is so popular that she has an entire theme park dedicated to her in England! If you're not familiar with Peppa Pig, she is the main character in the British television series. Her hobbies include jumping in mud puddles, playing dress up, and snuggling with her teddy bear.

Toys and educational material from characters that your child is familiar with are engaging and provide constructive playtime. At Walmart Canada, you can find plenty of Peppa Pig products for your son or daughter no matter if you're looking for games, clothing, or toys.

Peppa Pig Animation Series

There are over 200 episodes of Peppa Pig. If you're looking for DVDs of her adventures at affordable prices, check Walmart Canada's electronics department. Laugh over and over again at her antics and watch your kids learn lessons of friendship. Since the series has been around for years, there are so many episodes that you and your kids can spend hours on them!

Reading Time

If you would rather your child spend his or her time reading instead of watching television, there's also no shortage of engaging Peppa Pig books. Who needs TV or video games when you can read all about this fun pig's adventures? The books feature the same characters as the television show such as mummy pig, daddy rabbits, sheep, cats, and other animals, giving hours of constructive fun. 

Peppa Pig Games and Toys

The toy department of has plenty of Peppa Pig games and toys. If you are looking for something educational for your son or daughter to play with, consider getting them a puzzle. Not only does it include problem-solving, but it also requires the use of crucial fine motor skills. Another educational toy idea is a colouring book. This classic pastime never gets old, no matter what generation enjoys it! Matching card games also give you hours of quality time with the entire family. 

If you're looking for a toy to keep your child active, check the sports & rec section for Peppa Pig swimming goggles or the toy department for a Peppa pig-themed ball pit. Not only will they have tons of fun--they'll enjoy a healthy amount of physical activity. 

Peppa Pig Clothing

Children love wearing clothing with their favourite cartoon characters. At, there is plenty of Peppa Pig clothing available at affordable prices, including t-shirts, socks, and dresses. In the shoe department, you can find clogs featuring the beloved character. And if you're searching for other classics alongside Peppa, you're in luck, as there are plenty of products featuring characters like Winnie the Pooh or the Disney princesses. 

Peppa Pig is a cartoon character that kids of all ages will recognize. At Walmart Canada, there's no shortage of educational Peppa Pig toys and DVDs from the television series at competitive prices. Help make learning fun with Peppa Pig and her whole family!




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