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Stay Well-Groomed with Personal Care Products 

Project a neat appearance by using personal care products from Walmart Canada. Whether you need liquid hand soap for guest baths, an extra bottle of mouthwash to maintain dental hygiene at the office, or specialty shaving lotion for sensitive skin, this selection provides high-quality personal care options at affordable prices.

Bath and Body Care

Ensure full body cleanliness and hydration with personal care items from Soothing body washes made with oatmeal cleanse sensitive skin, while shea butter-enriched bath gels lather well and leave skin feeling soft and smooth. Body lotions and creams add an extra bit of moisture to rough, dry skin, while body scrubs and exfoliants clear off dead skin, leaving your complexion bright and fresh.

Bath bombs, bubble baths and soaks add a relaxing element to bath time, and options with Epsom salt help ease sore, tired muscles, potentially improving sleep. Deodorants and antiperspirants keep sweat at bay during work or class.

Whether you want fragrance-free, hypoallergenic options, citrus-scented products that invigorate your senses or vanilla-enriched products that smell like fresh-baked treats, these bath and body care products have the perfect aromas to suit your style and mood.

Oral Care

Improve dental hygiene with oral care products designed to freshen breath and get teeth sparkling clean. Electric toothbrushes with built-in timers help you brush the correct amount of time for optimal cleanliness, while floss and oral irrigators clear the spaces between teeth to prevent food and plaque build-up.

Multipacks of manual toothbrushes let you leave one at the house for touch-ups and keep one in your bag for quick brushes after meals away from home. The selection from includes mouthwashes that help kill germs, fight plaque and improve gum health. Whether you want to whiten your smile, strengthen enamel or pre-rinse teeth to improve your brush job, these personal hygiene products have you covered.

Hair Care

Keep your mane healthy and shiny with hair care products. Personal care products like basic shampoo and conditioner clean and soften hair, while two-in-one products work great in the morning or after workouts. Choose mousses, foams, gels, pomades and waxes to get just the hairstyle you want, and keep it in place with hairspray that provides a soft set for natural movement or a firm hold that prevents mishaps on windy days.

Hair treatments provide deep conditioning, protect hair from the heat of styling aids and detangle thick, curly hair, ensuring you have all you need for gorgeous hair. If you want to cover grey or change your look altogether, at-home hair colour works great for convenience and economy.

Shaving and Hair Removal

Maintain superior grooming with shaving and hair removal products for both men and women. Choose specially shaped razors and shaving creams with feminine scents for legs and underarms, or select handy electric razors that make beard shaving a breeze.

Men's  multiple-blade manual razors ensure a smooth, soft countenance, while after-shave lotion provides a refreshing finish. Options for waxing tackle everything from brows to bikini lines, while hair removal creams keep areas clear without shaving.

Specialty Personal Care

Rely on feminine care and incontinence products for discreet solutions. Maxi pads with wings help protect underwear during heavy periods, while ultra-thin panty liners work great for everyday wear. Select tampons in regular or super sizes so you always have the right kind, or choose menstrual cups for an environmentally friendly alternative.

Feminine washes and wipes help you stay clean and fresh at all times. For those with incontinence worries, this selection contains a variety of sizes for both men and women, and options for daily and overnight wear provide great protection no matter the situation.

Hand and Foot Care

Discover personal care products that soften and protect hands and feet. Soothing lotions help smooth dry patches of skin, while special scrubs help loosen dead skin. Whether you need tools that shave off calluses or sand down rough heels, medicines to fight toenail fungus or battery-operated tools for pedicures, these hand and foot care options deliver.

Beauty Products

Look your best with beauty products designed to enhance your appearance. Makeup and skin care options for every budget make it simple to create quick, easy beauty regimens complete with cleanser, toner, moisturizer, primer, foundation and powder. Discover neutral, vibrant and basic lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushes to add flattering colour, and find an array of nail care options for the perfect mani/pedi. Fragrances for men and women provide the ideal finish for your morning routine. 


Protect skin from harmful UV rays with suncare products. Select from basic protection for everyday wear, or choose sprays and lotions with 50+ SPF for an extra layer between you and the sun. Products designed specifically for kids and babies can help prevent sunburns during family outings. When your day includes the pool or beach, use waterproof sunblocks for extra confidence and damage prevention.




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