Hair Curling Irons & Wands


Curling Irons for Easy DIY Hairstyles

Curling irons are great at-home styling tools for creating gentle curls and waves when you want to change up your regular hair routine. Whether you're after tight, spiral curls or soft, wavy strands, you can find a curling iron at Walmart Canada for an affordable price that ticks all your hair styling boxes.

Choosing a Curling Iron

When considering which type of curling iron to purchase, your first consideration should be the barrel size. Larger diameter barrels are useful for creating large waves, while smaller ones are generally best for tight, spiral curls. They typically range in width from about 3/8" to 2". 

Also take hair length and type into consideration. Longer hair tends to be better for larger barrels, since they can curl more hair at once, and they're typically between 1-1/4" - 2". Medium-length hair does well with barrels between 1" and 1-1/4", while short hair is better suited for barrels smaller than an inch. 

If you have thinner, fine hair, consider using a curling iron with a smaller barrel, because even as curls lose their shape, hair still looks styled due to its texture. Hair that's thicker tends to to hold its shape better, so it usually benefits most from a larger barrel. 

Features to Look for

Many curling irons include multiple heat settings for you to choose from depending on how much heat you want to apply to your hair. Select models from brands such as Conair that have multiple precision heat settings — some may reach as high as 205 degrees C — for creating fast setting curls. If you have thick hair, you may appreciate the available high heat settings, as thicker hair can sometimes be more challenging to curl. Fine, thinner hair typically doesn't need as much heat. 

Curling iron barrels can be made of ceramic, titanium, chrome or gold. While chrome and titanium options are typically the least expensive, ceramic and gold barrels usually deliver better even heating results.

Ceramic barrel curling irons, such as those from Revlon, tend to have more even heat distribution throughout the barrel, reducing the likelihood of unwanted hot spots. 

Gold-plated curling irons are also ideal for women with coarse, thick hair, as they emit even, instant heat. Don't forget to choose a model with an auto shut off feature in case you forget to switch it off after styling.

Curling Wands

Traditional curling irons have a spring-loaded curling tong that helps hold and capture hair for curling, but other models may be called curling wands. These typically don't have clips. Instead, you use the barrel to create loose, beachy waves without a clip to hold hair in place. Shop for models that include different attachments or wand types to help you achieve different results — some may include multiple barrels, so one day you can create tight spirals, and another day go for voluminous, wavy curls.

Hair Care Accessories

Apply a variety of hair care styling products to help curls hold their shape longer. Great curls start in the shower — try curling your hair on the second or third day since you've washed it with your favourite shampoo and conditioner, or if you must wash it on the same day you curl, consider skipping conditioner, as it can sometimes make hair too slippery, causing curls to fall out sooner.

Stock up on bobby pins, and add some hairspray from brands such as Aussie or John Freida to help hold your look firmly in place. Just remember not to spray too close to your curls, as that can cause them to feel a bit crunchy instead of natural and soft. 

Round out your collection of versatile hair styling tools when you shop for curling irons from Walmart Canada.




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