Hair Dryers


Hair Dryers for Every Hair Type

A hair dryer creates the base for your entire hairstyle. Today, blow dryers come in different materials and offer a long list of features and accessories that can help to add volume, reduce frizz or enhance curls. Whether you're looking for a basic hair dryer that gets the job done or a top-of-the-line dryer from a brand such as Revlon or Conair that comes complete with styling accessories and multiple features, Walmart Canada has a wide selection to choose from. 

Choosing the Right Hair Dryer for Your Hair Type

If you've got thin, frail hair, choosing a dryer with low, consistent heat is the best choice. On the other hand, thick curls and waves usually require high heat to tame frizz and ensure the hair completely dries. Individuals with damaged hair should consider using a ceramic or tourmaline hair dryer, which emits non-damaging heat that results in a healthy shine and reduces frizz. Hair that's short and dries quickly can usually get away with a simple, less expensive dryer. 

Hair Dryer Accessories

Many hair dryers come with attachments and accessories that are meant to add volume, wave or frizz. Hair diffusers, which help to distribute heat over a larger section of hair, can enhance natural curl and wave. They're best used on a lower heat setting to avoid damaging the hair follicles and prevent over-drying. Concentrators have the opposite effect and distribute heat on a smaller section of hair. They work best when used on high heat to create straight styles. Although it's less common, some dryers include a pick attachment, which can be used to add volume and lift to flat hair. 

Travel-Friendly and Storage-Friendly Dryers

Although they're a useful styling tool, most hair dryers aren't necessarily easy to travel with. That's why many men and women choose to travel with a mini hair dryer. For some, a mini hair dryer's compact size and easy storage makes it the perfect choice for styling at home as well. Many also prefer the convenience and easy storage that comes with a cordless blow dryer. 

Hot Air Brush Dryers

A popular alternative to the traditional hair dryer is the hot air brush. This style of dryer is shaped like a round brush. It blows hot air through the centre of the cylinder and distributes even, consistent heat, making it easy to achieve a blow out faster than with a round brush and a standard dryer. Hot air brush dryers are compact and, in some cases, cordless. They make a great option for those with medium to long hair, especially while travelling.

Styling Products That Accompany Your Dryer

Regardless of your hair type, there are styling products that can help you to protect and preserve your look. When you're using a dryer or any other heat styling tool, it's important to use a heat protectant and a primer to save your hair from heat damage and maintain your style. Those with natural waves or frizzy hair can consider applying taming products from brands such as John Frieda, which offers a line of serums, shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products specifically made to tame frizz. Curly locks can use curl creams and gels to maintain frizz-free curls, while those with straight hair can use serums to maintain shine and prevent flyaways or mousses to add volume. 

Regardless of your hair type, length or style, Walmart Canada has a huge selection of hair dryers and other heat styling tools to choose from. 




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