Electric Shavers

Groom and Trim with an Electric Razor

Unwanted facial and body hair creates a constant battle. You might spend half of your morning shower trimming your underarm or shaping up your sideburns. If your facial hair grows quickly, you could have a 5 o'clock shadow by lunchtime. An electric razor makes getting rid of unwanted hair quick, easy and painless. With the right trimmer, you can be clean-shaven in minutes. Walmart Canada offers a variety of hair removal tools, including electric shavers designed for both men and women

Trimming Away Facial Hair with an Electric Razor

Some people have facial hair that is dense and difficult to cut. Other may have fine hairs or patchy growth. In either case, getting rid of extra hair can be quick and easy with the right tools. A good shaving cream helps protect your skin, but with an electric razor, you don't need it. In fact, with an electric razor you can — and often should — shave while your face is completely dry. While an electric razor doesn't give as smooth a finish, it can be used multiple times per day and doesn't leave you with any nicks or cuts. A beard trimmer might be a good choice if you maintain your facial hair rather than shaving it off. These small, electric trimmers help shape your beard to match your existing trim lines. 

Getting a Smooth Finish on Your Legs

When shaving larger areas like your legs, chest or back, using a traditional razor can be a time-consuming option. With an electric razor, getting rid of hair is a little like vacuuming your body. You simply turn on the razor and get started. When you have a lot of skin to cover in the morning, an electric razor can shave off time. If you're shaving your legs or underarm area, you might want to invest in a cordless shaver. A cordless option gives you more room to work with as you bend and twist to get every last hair. 

Doing Double Duty in the Shower

A waterproof trimmer is another way to cut down the time taken up by your morning grooming routine. If you can shave in the shower, you can get clean while smoothing away hair without adding more time. You still don't need to use shaving cream, so you can run the electric shaver over your body while scrubbing off any dirt and sweat. It's a big-time saver when you don't need to dry off before shaving.

After Shaving Products

Because electric razors don't shave as close to the skin as traditional razors, shaving bumps and other skin issues aren't as common. If you do break out after a shave, you might want to add a splash of aftershave or a quick coating of moisturizer to help hydrate the skin after shaving. 

Other Hair Removal Options

Razors aren't the only way to remove hair. Polishing systems gently rub hair away, and wax takes it out by the root. An epilator also removes hair by the root, helping slow regrowth. Hair removal creams are another option, but sometimes coarse hair doesn't respond as well. You may need to apply removal creams more regularly to get a smooth finish. 

Walmart Canada stocks a variety of personal grooming products, including electric razors and trimmers. 




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