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Pet Food for All Your Animal Companions

Keep your furred, feathered and finned friends healthy and happy with pet food designed to meet your animal companion's nutritional needs. From large bags that can feed a house full of active dogs to individual cans of food for finicky felines, these food options let you optimize your pet's diet. Find pet supplies, including food, treats and toys, at Walmart Canada.

Cat Food

Your feline companion depends on you for nutritious, delicious meals, and there are plenty of options to satisfy your cat's picky palate. Bagged cat food makes serving meals simple, and formulas designed for kittens, senior pets, hairball reduction, indoor pets and grain-free feline diets offer a wide variety of options to suit your cat's physical condition and age. Wet foods for cats include options such as pate-style, shredded pieces and chunks to accommodate your pet's texture preferences. Flavours such as salmon, tuna, chicken and beef give your cat a variety of taste options.

Dog Food

Treat your best friend right with canned and dry pet foods designed to meet a dog's specific nutritional needs. Dog food designed for large breeds offers larger individual pieces than foods crafted for smaller pets, and formulas for senior dogs help you adjust meals as your pet ages. Puppy food helps a growing young dog thrive, while weight-management dog foods give you a way to slim down an overweight pet. Soft foods provide reliable nutrition for small breeds or work as an additional flavour component mixed into dry food.

Fish Feeding Supplies

Maintaining an aquarium takes work, but you can simplify feeding sessions with food crafted specifically for your type of fish. Fish flakes and pellets let you dole out a pinch at a time to prevent overfeeding, and foods designed for betta fish, tropical species or goldfish provide tailored nutrition. You can find fish food in sinking or floating versions, and electric automatic feeders are available to let you set up scheduled feedings one or more times each day. Colour-enhancing koi food keeps your outdoor pond fish looking vibrant.

Food for Birds

From feeding your pet parakeet to filling an outdoor wild bird feeder, there are plenty of bird seed options available to satisfy a wide range of avian species. Bird food made specifically for parrots, lovebirds, cockatiels and parakeets ensure that your pet gets the right size and variety of seeds for optimal health. If you have pet chickens, grub containing mealworms or insects helps your hens get enough dietary protein.

Bags of wild bird food keep your backyard feeder well stocked for visits from cardinals, blue jays and wrens. Hummingbird feeders and nectar attract tiny species to your yard, while suet feeders help birds get enough nutrition through the winter months.

Small Animal Pet Food

Whether you're caring for a gerbil, rabbit, hamster or guinea pig, you can find food for your small animal pet at Walmart Canada. Water bottles that hang from the side of a cage ensure adequate hydration throughout the day, and small food bowls let you monitor the amount you feed your pet. Chews and treats help your small animal companion get extra fibre and maintain dental health.

Feeding Reptiles and Amphibians

Pet food made for reptiles and amphibians is tailored to these animals unique needs. Floating food sticks make it easy for turtles to access their meals, and pet supplies such as cricket feeder rocks help you add vitamins and minerals to the diet of a reptile that eats live insect prey.




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