Cat Grooming Products & Supplies

Make Cat Grooming Simple with Proper Grooming Supplies

Cats are often referred to as the clean counterparts to the other common house pet - the dog. Cat owners know that hair and dander can get out of control though, and that some breeds like the Persian cat require quite a bit of regular grooming.

Whether you have a long-haired kitty or you prefer short hair cats, regular at-home grooming can help your cat look and feel their best. Shop Walmart Canada to buy cat grooming products that work effectively without spending a fortune in the process.

Shampoo and Wipes

Cats are notorious for their hatred of water, but some cats do better in the bath than others. If you're lucky enough to get your cat when they're young, you might even be able to teach them that a warm, shallow bath is a place to have fun, not feel fear.

To keep your cat clean, shop for cat-approved shampoo designed to help care for your pet's fur and skin. Tearless shampoos and those formulated with ingredients like oatmeal can help avoid irritation even if your cat won't stay still in the tub. Flea and tick formulas help keep those pests at bay too.

If you've got a feline that just won't get in the bath no matter how many cat treats you offer, that doesn't mean all hope is lost when it comes to grooming. With waterless shampoo for cats, you can give them a sponge bath of sorts without all of the water. You can also save a lot of money compared to hiring a grooming service.

Disposable wipes also work wonders, and best of all, they can be used a lot more frequently than a full bath. They're also perfect for indoor/outdoor cats that come home ready for dinner all messy! Wipes help maintain your cats natural oils too.

Brushes and Pet Grooming Tools

Brushing your cat regularly keeps their coat healthy, glossy and tangle-free. Look for a basic day-to-day brush designed with cat hair in mind to take care of the job. If you can, do this outside too, so you don't end up with all those stray hairs on the couch.

You can also find grooming tools like cat nail clippers so you can tackle all of your grooming chores in one go.

Deshedding Tools and Clippers

When summer comes, your cats coat may start coming out in clumps. Help them shed that unnecessary coat with a de-shedding tool with a grip handle that gets into the fur and helps it come out where you can control it, not on your furniture. They'll also help remove mats that are common among long hair cats.

Don't forget to add a helpful deshedding glove to your purchase when stocking up on grooming supplies. Using a glove will help you avoid nicks and cuts while you keep a firm grip on your four-legged friend. 

For cats with short and medium hair, cat clippers or a full clipper kit can help you give them an even trim that's perfect for the spring and summer months. Just don't try them on yourself for a slick summer style!

Keeping your cat well-groomed and in show-shape doesn't have to cost you a lot. Shop Walmart Canada to find great prices on cat grooming supplies like shampoo, brushes and a whole lot more. We also carry essentials like litter boxes, food and cat furniture.



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