Dog Harnesses, Leashes & Collars


Dog Collars and Leashes for Your Precious Pet

Keep your pup happy, healthy and safe with dog collars, harnesses and leashes from Walmart Canada. Find fashionable collars that give your dog a stylish look, or make walks easier with a sturdy harness that helps prevent accidental escapes.

Decorative Dog Collars 

Make yours the most dapper dog in town with decorative dog collars that add aesthetic appeal to this practical pet accessory. Dog collars Canada pet owners love include straps with bow ties, colourful patterns and rhinestone accents that showcase your pet's personality. Choose a collar in a hue that matches your pet carrier to give your pooch a fun, coordinated look when you're travelling. Adjustable buckles ensure a good fit and let you loosen the collar as your pet grows. Hook your pet's ID tag onto the collar to help protect your dog from getting lost.

Long Leashes for Leisurely Walks

Take your dog on a stroll through the park with durable dog leashes designed to handle frequent use. Heavy-duty materials resist fraying and tearing, and large hand loops let you keep a good grip on the leash even when your dog tries to run. Retractable leashes let you control the exact length of the line, so you can reign in your pet upon encountering another animal or allow a longer lead for your pup to explore strange scents in the grass. If you're walking more than one dog at once, consider a double lead that lets you attach two pets to the same leash.

Pet Harnesses 

Dog harnesses help prevent choking and neck discomfort when your pet tugs on the leash during a walk. Look for breathable materials and padded interior surfaces to keep your pup comfortable. Metal ring loops make leash attachment easy and help prevent unexpected unhooking. Machine washable harnesses simplify cleanup after an outdoor excursion. When you're spending time outdoors at night, a light-up or reflective harness or dog collar improves visibility so vehicles and pedestrians can see your pet from a distance. Small hook-on lights attach directly to the loop on your harness, so you can add extra illumination only when you need it.

Dog Training Tools

Teach your dog basic obedience commands and fun tricks with remote-control-operated electronic training collars. Beep and shock modes help you break your pet's bad habits or stop dangerous behaviours, and waterproof models let you continue training while your dog is swimming. Prong collars offer a low-tech way to reduce running, jumping and tugging behaviour while your pet is on a leash. It's also a good idea to keep some dog treats on hand for positive reinforcement during training.

For at-home restraint, stakes and leads keep your pup safely constrained to a specific area when you don't have a fence to prevent escape. Wireless fence systems offer another way to establish a boundary around your yard. Dog crates give your pet a safe space to relax indoors or outdoors, and crate training can help reduce destructive behaviours when you're not around.

Protective Pet Accessories

If your dog has a barking or biting problem, a muzzle can help limit mouth movement to prevent future issues. Mesh materials allow your pet to breathe while muzzled, and buckle straps help you get the dog muzzle on or off quickly.

If you're driving your dog to an agility match across town or travelling to a campsite with your canine companion, a pet partition in your vehicle sections off part of your car for your pup while also letting you keep an eye on your dog as you drive.





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