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Trimming Your Dog's Coat - An Essential Part Of Dog Grooming

Dogs are an important part of the family and making sure that their coats are healthy will help keep your pet healthy. There are some dog breeds, such as Lhasa Apsos or Poodles that can benefit from having their coats trimmed. Long-haired breeds have a hard time seeing if their coats are not properly maintained as the fur will grow over their eyes. Additionally, long hair can also make grooming more challenging for the dog. Fortunately, Walmart Canada has a great assortment of trimming tools to help keep your dog well-groomed. There is also a great selection of treats to choose from, so be sure to reward your dog's good behaviour after grooming.

Not all dogs benefit from having their coat trimmed. Some dogs have what is called a "double coat," which means they grow thicker, longer hairs in the winter to protect them from the cold, and then shed that coat during the warmer months. These dogs need their undercoat to help keep them cool when it is hot and don't benefit from being shaved. Make certain you know which breed of dog you have prior to shaving your pet. However, some dogs may still have coats that become unruly and get matted, so be sure to watch your dog and take care of any trouble spots as needed.

Nail Trimming - Important For Your Dog's Happiness

Dog nails grow and need to be trimmed on a regular basis. While some owners elect to go to a groomer, some owners who are comfortable trimming their dog's nails can save time and money by doing it from home. Long nails can be painful for dogs, so check your pet's paws regularly and trim the wall of the nail when necessary, making sure to avoid trimming too close to the nail bed. Nail trimming can be a challenge for most dog owners. Fortunately, Walmart Canada has a variety of dog clippers and other accessories that will help you take care of your pet, and also help meet your entire dog grooming service needs.

Ensuring that your dog is healthy and happy is a key concern for most pet owners and has a great assortment of dog health supplies that can help keep your dog cared for, everything from brushes to shampoo to shedding blades. But even the healthiest dog can sometimes leave a mess or a smell around the house, be sure to stock up on dog odour control and clean up accessories and keep your house clean and tidy.

Start Training Your Dog Early

Dog grooming doesn't have to be a stressful situation for the animal, but making sure you start early with your dog training is key to avoiding stress later in the life of your animal. The sooner you get your dog used to grooming, the easier it will be - especially when they are older and larger. Sometimes, a reward or dog toy can help a pet through a stressful situation. Taking dogs on regular walks is a part of any health-plan for the animal and also a great reward. Be sure to check out Walmart Canada's great selection of dog leashes, collars, and harnesses so that you can keep your dog safe and in control.

Additionally, offers great training accessories, dog supplies, and toys, as well as kennels and crates for your pet. No matter what stage of life your beloved pet is in, Walmart Canada offers great tools to help take care of and groom your dog properly.



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