Play Doh has been a staple of childhood arts and crafts projects and in schools for over 60 years, and is one of the most memorable and creative toys of the twentieth century. Childhood creativity is defined by Play Doh.

Play Doh Toys

Play Doh toys themselves are a pliable, putty-like compound that can be easily molded into any shape desired, and then ‘reset’. The compound itself is non-toxic, non-staining and reusable. This is welcome news to all the parents that have spent time cleaning up after their children’s playtime. Play Doh comes in a wide range of colours, so you’re sure to find your child’s favourite at Walmart Canada.

Play Doh Sets

Play Doh sets are a not only a great way to introduce kids to Play Doh, but they can also use these sets learn about numbers, shapes, and counting with specific sets geared toward younger children. For the older set, there’s the classic Play Doh food sets, which allow children to mold their own creations to resemble their favourite meals. Walmart Canada carries a large selection of Play Doh toys and accessories at great prices!




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