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Stunning Display
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See all your content pop with vivid colours, dark shadows and stunning contrast on the Super AMOLED screen. Colours are brighter, more vivid and accurate, giving you a brighter more dynamic picture. And the screen keeps everything clear by auto-adjusting brightness levels based on where you are and what you’re watching.

Better Reading Experience
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Reading mode adjusts the screen according to your environment and what you’re reading to provide a more soothing background colour that’s easy on your eyes.

Multi-Tasking Evolved
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With Split Screen view, you can multi-task even more. It allows you to have two windows open simultaneously, so you can write an email while watching a video or check your calendar while looking up movie times.

Business to Business
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Samsung Smart Manager lets you manage your device’s battery life, storage, RAM, and security, all in one place. As an added layer of protection, Samsung KNOX can better secure your Tab S2 without involving your IT department. It acts to better protect your email, apps and other important data. With Fingerprint Security, only your fingerprint can unlock the tablet.

Lightweight Design
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An ultra-thin build with a comfortable design makes the Tab S2 difficult to put down. Lightweight and ideal for travel, it easily goes with you and has the ability to connect to other devices so you can share work, photos and video on the go.

Productivity to Go
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Preloaded with Microsoft Office, the Tab S2 lets you easily create and edit documents. With Split Screen view, you can easily perform multiple tasks at one time. When your work is done, you can store it with an additional 100 GB on MS OneDrive. Plus, you can add up to 128 GB of expandable memory with a microSD card.

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