Samsung Smart Phones

Samsung mobile phones are among the smart phones running the Android OS. Samsung smartphones have been on the cutting edge of mobile technology. They were among the first to include a sleek, wrap around screen and bottom fed headphone jacks – features that are now standard on many of today’s smart phones. Walmart Canada also carries a wide range of cases and accessories for your Samsung smart phone.

Samsung Tablets

Applying the same advanced technology Samsung has put into their smart phones, it’s no surprise that Samsung tablets meet the same high standards. Whether for work, gaming, or simply streaming video before bed, there’s a Samsung tablet that will meet your needs. With Samsung tablets ranging in both size and storage capacity, there’s a Samsung tablet that’s perfect for every member of the family.

Samsung TV’s

Samsung has been a pioneer in smart TV technology, and their line of televisions, with all their advanced features, is a reflection of that. From HD LED to UHD, Samsung has a wide variety of options.

At Walmart Canada, you can find a wide array of Samsung, and other high quality electronics!



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