Shark Products to Power Through Chores and Banish Dust

From vacuums to mops, Shark offers a wide range of cleaning tools to help you keep your household in tip-top shape. Invest in a Shark steam mop to keep your kitchen and bathroom floors gleaming and sanitized, or pick up a robot vacuum from the brand to ensure your carpets are handled while you eat or binge Netflix on a Saturday night. The brand offers a wide range of products, so you can find cleaning equipment that addresses your specific needs. And you'll find many of these products at Walmart Canada.

Shark Vacuums: A Range of Options

When it comes to vacuum cleaner options, Shark offers a wide range of products. Choosing a vacuum from this brand can seem daunting since there are so many options to consider, but here's a guide to some of the biggest factors to take into account.

First, decide what overall category of vacuum you want to buy in. Options include canister vacuums, robot vacuums, handvacs and uprights. Each type has pros and cons and is suitable for different types of tasks. Handvacs, for example, are portable. Some run on batteries instead of corded power, so you can use them to clean upholstery or carpets in automobiles. They're also handy for quick clean-ups on furniture or beds, but you wouldn't want to use a cordless hand vacuum to clean wall-to-wall carpeting in your living room.

Upright vacuums are the models that stand vertically and you operate them from a pivoting handle, driving them back and forth across flooring. Shark offers a number of bagless upright models marketed to different types of cleaning. For example, you'll find options designed to operate in homes with heavy pet hair issues or models that work well on short pile carpeting and hardwood floors.

Canister vacuums usually include a canister to house the debris and dust sucked up via a suction tool on a long hose. These vacuums are handy when you need to address numerous types of cleaning tasks during a single session, letting you switch from cleaning carpeting and rugs on the floor to vacuuming upholstery or drapes.

Shark's vacuum line offers several clever models that convert from uprights to canisters, so you can get the best of both types of appliance in one. A convertible model from Shark may be a good idea if you have carpeted stairs you like to vacuum when you handle the other flooring in your home.

Once you choose a type of vacuum, select a model that has the power and functionality you need. Attachments are a major factor; you can get these vacuums with pet, upholstery, hardwood and other specialty attachments or buy the accessories separately as you need them.

Other Cleaning and Household Tools From Shark

This brand doesn't just provide solutions for vacuuming. It offers a steam mop and a floor sweeper for use on hardwood, tile or linoleum floors, saving you time when you clean kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces without carpet. Shark also makes clothing irons, including a professional steam iron.

When you purchase your Shark appliance or cleaning tool at Walmart Canada, don't forget to stock up on accessories and supplies. That can include vacuum bags and mop pads or your favourite cleaning chemicals to ensure the space if fully sanitized and smells fresh.






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