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There’s a lot that comes with living an active lifestyle. It isn’t as easy as throwing on your old pair of sneakers and going for a jog around the block. That’s a great effort, but times have changed! Today, there are certain necessities you need to stay fit and stay safe in the process. You need the help of the right sporting goods or exercise & fitness gear to be the best version of you. Luckily, Walmart.ca is here to help you with all of your fitness and sporting goals, for less.

If you play a sport, or are a parent of someone that does, you know the importance of having quality sports equipment. Whether you play team sports, like hockey or basketball, or are into a solo sport like golf or archery, the right equipment can help you become a winner! If you need a little inspiration for your game, why not admire sports heroes and be the ultimate fan by collecting sports memorabilia?

Regular exercise gives you more energy, relieves stress and helps you to shed those stubborn pounds that dieting seems to ignore. One of the keys to staying motivated and enjoying your workouts is having the right fitness accessories, especially if you want or have a home gym. With the convenience of a home gym, you can stay fit right from the comfort of your own home. While there are a variety of gyms and fitness Canada centers, a home gym is cheaper than paying for monthly club memberships for one or more family members.

In addition to exercising and playing sports, there are other great options for you and your family to stay active! Go for a spin with bikes, ride-ons & scooters, create an indoor game room or have fun with other outdoor recreation games. Bring your hunting gear out in nature or stock up on water sports & boating supplies or fishing gear for summers by the lake. Camping is an awesome adventure for the family and Walmart camping has you covered with the best camping supplies. The first things that come to mind when you think about a family camping trip are fun activities such as toasting marshmallows, hiking or swimming. But good times require plenty of preparation. Be sure to pack those easy-to-forget necessities that can make all the difference on a camping trip — such as a lantern, bug repellent and a first-aid kit.

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