Adult Bikes


Coasting Roadways on a Bicycle

Bike riding is a green means of transportation that helps the environment while letting people save money that would normally be spent on gas or bus fares during trips to work or school. For many adults, bicycles are also a nostalgic way to enjoy the benefits of fresh air and exercise as a fun recreational pastime. Walmart Canada has a wide selection of bicycles for everyone in the family.

Convenient Storage Options

Folding models offer riders a host of benefits, including the ability to visit areas that don't offer racks or storage. Because the bicycles can be stored easily under a desk or inside a cubicle, students and employees can bring their transportation inside with them, reducing the chances of theft and damage caused by inclement weather. Casual riders who enjoy exploring a variety of trails can quickly stash the compact units in their vehicle and drive to distant locations without the need for extra equipment.

Electric Bicycles with Pedal Assist

The boost of power that an electric bike provides takes the difficulty out of riding up hills and for long distances, so that amateurs and veterans alike can focus on having fun. Many varieties include locks that allow the battery's removal during recharging tasks, which simplifies finding an outlet to use, and some have a basket or carrying rack that make them ideal for running errands. Whether a dependable mode of transportation to work each day or an all-terrain model for weekend adventures is needed, the affordable prices at make it easy to choose a model that matches personal needs without compromising on style and battery life.

Low Maintenance Fixies

A popular choice for messengers and racers, fixed-gear bikes are more difficult to ride than the standard multigear model but are lighter and more maneuverable. Because they have fewer parts, fixies are also considered easier to repair and maintain. The movement of the pedals translates directly into the bicycle's direction and speed, which provides enhanced control and the ability to ride backwards and forwards at will. This flexibility is welcomed among urban riders who wish to flow smoothly through congested streets. Many makers such as 6KU use brightly coloured frames to boost the already eye-catching appearance of these minimalistic bikes.

Designed for Comfort

Padded seats, coaster brakes and lightweight frames are among the common features of cruiser bicycle. Made for traditional upright riding, they are well-suited for laid-back rides and daily commutes. Multiple speeds improve handling on light trails and paved city streets, which make them a good choice for pairing with trailers that let you safely take your children out for a spin around the block. The selection of women's, men's and unisex designs available on Walmart Canada ensure that individuals can test a variety of seat and handlebar positions and determine which adult bike size and model feels the most natural for them.

Adult Tricycles

The ultimate in recreation and leisure, adult tricycles are well-liked among older individuals who don't wish to worry about balance or tipping over. Low seats make them easy to step over and sit on, and the wide space between the back wheels creates a natural space for large baskets. The ability to add a second carrier in front makes them one of the best options for an adult bike with basket, ensuring shoppers have plenty of room for packages and groceries.

Accessories and Enhancements

There are many accessories that riders can use to enhance their bicycles, including specially designed wrenches and tools to make assembly effortless. Among the most important pieces are safety lights and reflectors that boost visibility to drivers of motor vehicles. Bells can help draw the attention of nearby motorists, and adjustable mirrors provide a potentially life-saving side and rear views of the road. Fenders and mudguards come in multiple shapes and materials, which make them as stylish as they are functional, and they're easily customized to preferred colours and appearances.




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