Fill All Your Boating Needs

For many Canadians, being on the water is a great way to spend the day. Boating comes in many forms, and whether it’s relaxing on a lake with a fishing pole in hand or waterskiing behind a motorboat, Walmart Canada can help you get the gear you need. So grab your swimsuit and jump in.

The Right Boat for You

If you want to float on the water, look no further than’s collection of boats. The adventurous can explore Canada’s beautiful waterways from a canoe or kayak, getting you close to the surface and letting you explore both deep and shallow water. There’s also a wide range of stand-up paddle boards, which allow you to glide gracefully across a lake and get a new perspective on the landscape. Inflatable versions fold up for easy transport, so you can even hike into the wilderness and enjoy lakes rarely seen by humans.

For people who prefer to relax on the water, look for inflatable boats for boating adventures. You can choose the classic lounger to while away an afternoon with a cocktail and a good book. Pontoon boats are comfortable and often come with storage space for fishing equipment and any fish you catch. A floating pad island has enough space for all your friends to enjoy a day on the water.

Feel the Adrenalin with Water Sports

Water sports allow you to feel some adrenalin in the water, without any need for sharks. People close to the sea can use a bodyboard or surfboard to ride the waves, while those holidaying near lakes may prefer wakeboarding or waterskiing. Walmart Canada has a wide range of tow ropes, boards and skis that allow you to ride across the water behind a fast-moving boat. If you like your exhilaration with none of the effort, inflatable towables let you sit back as you're dragged around the lake.

Don’t forget your swimming gear when you head to the water, as it’s impossible to resist diving under. Walmart Canada has paddleboards and flotation devices for the kids so everyone can enjoy a day at the lake, and a rebound system allows kids and adults alike to bounce and slide to their heart’s content.

Boating Safely

When you're around the water, safety must come first. It’s important that you have enough life jackets on hand and that they fit the people on your boat, whether they’re adults or children, just in case someone goes overboard. Non-slip materials can help prevent accidents when surfaces get wet. It’s also handy to have a first aid kit, floating whistle, life ring and throw rope on hand for emergencies. Think about your plans for the water, and make sure you’re equipped to handle any eventuality.

Finish Your Boat with Accessories

If your boat needs some finishing touches, check out the wide range of marine accessories. A boat cover keeps your boat protected from the elements, and waterproofing helps stop rain from doing damage. A seat can keep your ride comfortable, and lighting lets you stay out past sunset. Don’t forget a pump to keep the water out and oars to get you safely back to dock.

You can also find everything you need to build a dock. Dock kits come with every part, so you can save money and build it yourself. You can find corners, bumpers and cleats if you have a dock that needs some improvement, and don't forget a ladder to help you get in and out of the water easily.

It doesn't matter if you're planning to spend a weekend at the beach or a month at the lake; Walmart Canada has what you need to enjoy your boating adventures.




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