Kayaks, Paddle Boards & Canoes

Kayaks And Canoes – For Exercise And For Fun

Though kayaking is mostly thought of as a summer sport, it can also be enjoyed in temperate climates any time of the year. As long as the water isn’t frozen, you can get that kayak out there and have some fun. For beginners, you may want to choose a vessel that is best suited for recreation as there are a ton of kayaks to pick between, depending on what kind of water you will be using them on. Choosing a boat that doesn’t tip easily and isn’t hard to navigate will go a long way toward helping to make your kayak excursion a fun one. If you are unsure of what type to choose, it might be wise to hire a professional to give you lessons prior to your first time kayaking.

Kayaking is a good source of cardiovascular exercise and it also is a great way to strengthen your core muscles, as well as your back and arms, while you paddle and navigate through the water. Beginners may not realize what a great work out it is and might find themselves with sore muscles after their first excursion. Make sure to stretch both before and after heading out to keep your muscles from hurting as much. Also, listen to your body. If you are experiencing any pain, or are getting tired, it might be time to get back on land.

For groups of people, canoeing might be a better option, at least if you are looking to get everyone in the same vessel. While the learning curve for canoes is different from kayaking (and some say a bit more challenging), it will help if you choose a boat that is right for the type of water you are using it on. Some canoes will have flat bottoms that allow for more stability and are generally good for recreation. Some boats that are designed for rivers or rough water are less flat on the bottom and may feel more tippy until you get used to using them.

While not everyone is able to kayak or canoe, there are lots of fun options to choose from for on the water fun. From inflatable boats to water tubes, and dock accessories, Walmart.ca can help set your family up for adventure.

Paddle Boards For Low Impact Exercise

Another option for water sports is stand up paddle boarding. Instead of riding waves, as you would do with a surfboard, stand up paddle boarding is a gentler experience. Riders can stand on their board and slide through the water with the help of their paddle.

While some people might choose to skip through the waves while on the board, most people skim around on the surface of the water and use this sport as a way to explore and get some exercise on the water. Stand up paddle boarding is a great way to keep your heart healthy with cardiovascular exercise and also helps you to improve your balance. If you are looking for a gentle, low-impact sport, stand up paddle boarding might be the choice for you.

Water Safety Tips

Even if you are an experienced swimmer, it is important to remember that unforeseen events can come up while you’re in the water. Many accidents on the water occur because people don’t respect the water enough. Undertows can pull even the best swimmers under while riptides in the ocean can pull you far out into the water. Be sure to use a buddy system, or stay in a group when you are on the water. And make sure to check frequently to be certain that everyone is accounted for when you are on the water.

While you can’t account for everything that might happen, you can plan for safety by wearing a life jacket. If you were to fall into the water or get pulled out into the ocean, a life jacket can help keep you from tiring out and help keep you afloat until help comes.


According to the Canadian Red Cross, drowning is one of the major sources of unintentional deaths for children between the ages of 1 to 4. It only takes a few minutes for a person to drown underwater, so plan ahead and stay safe by making sure that you have adequate safety measures in place. With Walmart Canada, you can find what you need for water safety to help keep you and your family safe and having fun.



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