Swimming Goggles & Snorkeling Gear

Swimming Goggles and Snorkels for Underwater Adventuring

Swimming and snorkeling are both fantastic summer activities that require only a small amount of basic equipment. At Walmart Canada, we carry goggles to keep the water out of your eyes while swimming and snorkel sets that let you peer into the mysterious underwater world below for as long as you like. You can use goggles and snorkel masks at the beach, at a public swimming pool, or even in your very own backyard pool. It can also be a lot more fun to play pool games while wearing goggles and snorkel masks.

The Difference Between Goggles and Masks

Swimming goggles and snorkelling masks are often thought of interchangeably, but they are actually intended to serve very different purposes. They both create a seal around the eye sockets to keep water out. Masks also create a seal around the nose. Both goggles and masks can be used for general swimming. However, only a proper mask that covers the nose should be used for snorkelling.

Ensuring Proper Fit and Comfort

Any type of swim mask or goggles needs to fit properly to do its job. If the fit isn't tight enough and the suction isn't strong enough, then water will get in. At Walmart Canada, we carry masks and goggles in adult and child sizes, so make sure you select the right sizes for yourself and your children. Most masks and swimming goggles are adjustable to truly ensure a good fit and allow a growing child to use them for many years to come. You may also want to consider a swim cap to wear under your goggles and earplugs to keep water out of your ears.

One of the best places for the kids to build their confidence using goggles and snorkels in the water is in your very own above ground pool. Just set one up in the backyard and they'll have tons of fun trying out their new gear.

Snorkeling Gear to Bring to the Beach

If you're taking the kids out for a day of snorkelling at the beach, it's important to come prepared. First and foremost, everybody needs bathing suits. At Walmart Canada, we carry a wide selection of both boys swimwear and girls swimwear in a variety of styles and colours. Let your kids browse our in-store or online selection with you to pick out a style they like.

To go snorkelling, you also need a mask snorkel that will allow you to breathe while your face is submerged in the water. Keep your mask from fogging up while you take in the view by applying some anti-fog solution to the lenses before you head out. Many people also like to use snorkel fins, as they allow for much faster movement and make it easier to tread water.

Finally, beach toys are a must-have for when the kids want to take a break from splashing in the water and spend some time playing and relaxing in the sand.

Whether you're headed for a beach vacation or a leisurely day at the local pool, Walmart Canada is your one-stop-shop for an affordable range of swimming and snorkelling equipment. Dive into our fantastic selection as you prepare to dive into the water.



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