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Camping is an excellent way to enjoy the great outdoors while spending time with friends, family and loved ones. To make the most of any trip, whether it's a few days or weeks, you need the right camping gear.

Shop Walmart Canada to find everything on your camping checklist. You'll discover essential items and items for fun activities like water sports, fishing, and hunting.

Camping Essentials

Whether you're a longtime camping enthusiast or you're taking your kids to discover camping for the first time, quality outdoor gear makes any trip more pleasant. Items like pup tents, two-person tents, seven-person tents and even SUV tents that allow for quick trips with minimal setup are a must. Durable, larger models can be used time and time again, so buying one quality tent is often a smart choice.

Along with your tent, sleeping bags are essential to keep you warm at night. They're also ideal if you prefer to rough it and sleep on the ground, especially during the spring and summer season. Look for temperature-rated models that fit your area and trip needs. Camping in Ontario and places where it regularly gets quite cold requires added warmth.

If you'd rather go camping in style than rough it, shop for air mattresses and top-quality camping furniture. You'll barely know you've left your living room!

Outdoor Gear and Accessories

No camper is ready for a trip without a few special pieces of outdoor gear. For evening hikes or just hanging around the campsite, lanterns, fire starter logs and wood are a must. One flashlight for every member of your group is also a smart buy if you're camping in a remote area.

Items like coolers, grills, and canteens also make sure your food and water needs are met. Percolators, camping utensils, plates, and cookware make preparing meals for one, two or a big group a breeze.

Making your way to the campground and enjoying the great outdoors with your friends and family can be a wonderful way to spend a vacation or even a weekend. Shop Walmart.ca to get everything you need for the perfect trip. You'll also find items like bikes and scooters for the whole family to help you make the most of your time outdoors.




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