Air Beds & Sleeping Accessories

Sleep Comfortably Anywhere With an Air Mattress

Pack a portable air mattress for your next camping trip or overnight stay with friends. They're ideal when you need a quick spot for guests to sleep. An air bed inflates easily with either a built-in or separate pump to give you an instant space to sleep. Choose from Walmart Canada's selection of various sizes and heights to match your needs.

Take an Air Mattress Camping

You don't have to sacrifice all the comforts of home while you enjoy the outdoors. Pack an inflatable mattress with your camping gear to make tent camping a more relaxing experience. The mattress keeps you off the hard ground for a softer sleeping surface. You're still roughing it, but you get a better night's sleep so you're rested for your camping adventures.

Accommodate Overnight Guests

If you prefer sleeping indoors, select a mattress to host overnight guests easily, or pack your own bed when you stay with a friend. It's an easy alternative when you don't have a guest bed or sleeper sofa available. A twin-size mattress works well for your kids' friends at sleepovers. You can set up the mattress anywhere there's enough floor space, including a living room, office or bedroom, to create a temporary guest room.

Provide a Cozy Sleeping Spot

Many air mattresses feature a fuzzy, flocked top surface that provides a cozier feel. The plush covering can make the bed feel warmer and softer under the sheets. The fuzzy layer may also help keep your sheets in place because it's not as slippery as a bare mattress.

Choose Just the Right Size

Inflatable mattresses use the same sizing as regular versions, with options ranging from twin through king. Opt for a twin air mattress when space is limited. This small size also works well when you need to accommodate individuals instead of couples. A full-size air mattress gives a single sleeper a little more room, and it can allow two kids to sleep comfortably.

Upgrade to a queen or king air mattress for more sleeping surface. These larger mattresses work well for couples or two older kids who don't mind sharing a bed. Consider how much floor space you have available, and leave room to walk around the mattress when calculating the size needed.

Elevate the Experience

Standard air mattresses rest low to the floor, so there's only a small drop-off if a child rolls off the bed. But the low profile makes it more difficult to get in and out of bed, especially for older guests or those with limited mobility. An elevated air mattress is more like a regular bed.

Some elevated air beds are just thicker versions that hold more air to create a higher profile. This type takes a little longer to inflate, but it provides a thick, stable sleeping surface. Others are standard-thickness air mattresses that rest on top of frames that are similar to cots. The frames are easy to set up and leave space under the mattress for your bags or other items. 

Pump Up Your Bed

A self-inflating air mattress eliminates the need for a separate pump and offers a fast, easy setup. The integrated pump inflates the mattress quickly with no need to align it with a hole or hold it in place. When you're done sleeping, the pump doubles as a deflator to rapidly draw air out of the mattress.

Other types require a separate air mattress pump to inflate the bed. These small electrical pumps are compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry with you. Most include different nozzles to fit into various mattresses or other inflatables. They come in battery-powered and plug-in models to fit different needs. A pump that runs on batteries is ideal for remote use on camping trips. Hand and foot pumps also work anywhere, but they take longer to inflate a mattress.

Accessorize Your Mattress

Accessories make your sleeping experience cozier and more comfortable. Place a sleeping pad under your air mattress for extra cushioning and a layer of protection when you're outdoors. An air mattress sleeping bag keeps you warm without the need for lots of blankets.

No matter what your sleeping arrangements are, inflatable mattresses give you a quick, comfortable spot to sleep. Walmart Canada has you covered with beds of all sizes.




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