Air Mattresses


Comfortable Sleeping on an Air Mattress

Whether you love camping trips or just need a spare bed on occasion, an air mattress might be a solution. These beds pump up to provide a solid cushion that is a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the floor. When uninflated, an air bed is flat and easily folded so that it can fit neatly into a closet or under a more permanent bed frame. Walmart Canada stocks a variety of air mattresses in several sizes, so you can choose a portable mattress to fit your needs.

Types of Air Mattresses

An air mattress offers a convenient and portable sleeping solution, but they are not all the same. Some inflatable mattresses are much taller than others. Simpler versions might require a manual pump while others have integrated pumps to quickly inflate the mattress. The material used in the construction of the mattress can also impact usability, and sleeping accessories can help take an inflatable bed to the next level of comfort. Some of these beds are designed for occasional use to accommodate an extra house guest. Others are durable and ready for daily use. 

Choosing the Right Size Bed

Like a traditional mattress, air beds come in several sizes, including twin, full, queen and king. Twin-sized mattresses might be big enough to accommodate two small children or a single adult. Larger mattresses offer more space and might be a better choice for a couple to sleep on. If going on a camping trip, the smallest comfortable bed is the best choice. The occupation numbers on a tent refer to the number of sleeping bags that can be laid on the ground. Air mattresses take up more room and dramatically reduce the number of people that can stay in each tent. 

Bedding to Match Your Air Bed

You can dress up an inflatable bed the same way you do a traditional mattress. That means you might want to put on a sheet set, grab a comforter and put out a few pillows. Fitted sheets sometimes roll off of inflatable beds, so you might want to secure it in place using suspenders or sheet grippers. If you routinely use an air mattress in your guest room, consider grabbing a bed in a bag kit to keep in the closet. That lets you quickly set up a spare bed and repurpose the space rapidly when guests leave. 

Keeping Your Camping Kit Compact

When heading out for overnight trips into the wilderness with nothing but what you can carry, a compact, lightweight kit is a must. Backpacking is physically challenging, but the right kit means you get a good night's sleep at every stop. A camping air mattress might look similar to a pad when inflated and roll small enough to fit inside your sleeping bag. Most campers don't need a queen size air mattress when spending time in a small tent and covering a lot of ground during the daylight hours. 

Using an Air Mattress Regularly

Some air mattresses are designed for daily use. That means the materials used in the construction of the bed are more durable. Instead of the standard PVC, look for a mattress that uses vulcanized rubber with a more comfortable coating on the outside. These mattresses tend to be higher off the ground and fit on a frame. You can even buy a frame specifically for an air mattress.

Walmart Canada offers a variety of air mattresses and all the accessories you need to turn a temporary sleeping solution into a comfortable nightly nest. 




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