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Get Comfortable While Camping with Lawn Chairs

Whether you enjoy picnics in the park or watching a friendly game of baseball, having a place to sit comfortably can make the entire experience more pleasant. Portable seating can go with you so that you always have a place to relax. Open up a folding chair around the fire on a camping trip, or claim a spot on the lawn during a backyard barbecue. Walmart Canada has a variety of lawn chairs to make every outdoor activity more relaxing. 

Types of Lawn Chairs

Lawn chairs come in many shapes and sizes. You have your choice of standard camp chairs on an X-frame to Adirondack chairs with high backs. Most lawn chairs are lightweight and easily portable. It may come with a carrying case with a shoulder strap. There are two-person folding chairs from Ozark Trail and those designed for different terrains, like the sand at the beach. A Member's Mark beach chair usually has shorter legs to let you stretch out in the sand. 

While many lawn chairs are designed for portability and easy storage, there are also options to decorate a patio. These heavier, more permanent seating options tend to come with cushions and more support. There are wood and metal models, along with sun loungers and zero-gravity seats. Lawn chairs that work in all settings have plenty of options and fold up surprisingly small for transport.

Features and Accessories

Different chairs may have a range of add-on conveniences. You might choose a camping chair with a cup holder attachment if you plan to be out for several hours. During a camping trip, you might want one with a foldout footrest to make relaxing by the fire even more comfortable. 

Add-ons like a shade umbrella help protect you from too much sun. Some other accessories that might make your lawn chair as comfy as a sofa might include a dining tray or swivel function. Ultimately, size may impact your decision. Lawn chairs that fold up compactly for storage might be easier to pack than larger versions. 

When shopping for a lawn chair, be sure to check the weight limit. Some chairs are designed for children and may not support an adult. Also, check to see if the chair comes with a removable cover. If the cover comes off, it can usually go in the washer. For chairs without a removable cover, you may need to spray and wipe clean. 

Inflatable Furniture

The smallest type of portable furniture is inflatable. These chair-shaped balloons collapse into very small bags for easy storage and inflate into full-size armchairs or sofas. Inflatable furniture is a fun addition to camping kits as long as you take precautions to keep it away from sharp or hot things.

Building a Comfortable Campsite

When putting together a campsite, comfort and convenience are the most important considerations. You may want mesh camping chairs for inside your tent if it is large enough to have a seating area. Throw rugs or foam floor tiles can make your tent floor a soft place for your feet. 

Lighting solutions are another consideration when camping. Lanterns and flashlights can turn your campsite into a bright spot in a dark forest. String lights might act as a night light or path guide between your tent and the bathroom or shower tent. 

For chairs that don't have an umbrella, you might want to invest in a pop-up tent. These portable shelters provide a roof but don't have walls. You can enjoy the sights of the outdoors and catch the breeze under a portable spot of shade. 

Walmart Canada has plenty of lawn chairs in stock. Options include flat-folding chairs and more compact chairs designed for camping. 




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