Find the Right Flashlight for You

Your phone's flashlight app or camera flash comes in handy when you're going down a dark staircase or trying to find your keys at the bottom of a bag. But even though it's great in a pinch, you'll need a much better solution for power outages, home and workplace safety, and serious job sites that require high-powered lighting. Adding a flashlight to your home or business arsenal is a simple, easy thing to do that won't cost you very much.

Walmart Canada carries high-quality flashlights, LED flashlights, and a pocket model that you can carry with you no matter where you go. Our everyday low prices even let you buy several different flashlights for multiple locations so you're never in the dark again.

And don't worry about your lights going bad -- you can also find replacement bulbs and rechargeable batteries for an assortment of flashlights in the house, on the job, and away from home.

Home Safety Flashlights

You never know when disaster may strike at home. That's why you need to be prepared for anything. Even a power outage where there's no imminent danger can leave you in the dark and unable to get around your home.

Wall flashlights that stay plugged in to an outlet are a smart choice for bedrooms, dens and home offices in your house. Battery powered flashlights can also be kept in bedside drawers and throughout your home so that a working one is never far out of reach.

A great idea is to also consider alarms and safety equipment to pair with your flashlights and emergency supplies. You can never have too much when it comes to safety!

Flashlights for Work

If you work with your hands or in tight dark spaces at any point throughout the day, you need a reliable flashlight by your side. Bright LED flashlights are an ideal choice, and many models can shine brightly for hours with replacing batteries.

Walmart Canada also has flashlights that can help you tackle basic home improvement projects around your home. You never know when you'll need to get into the crawlspace, access your hidden fuse box or check out that furnace down in the dark basement. Being able to see well isn't just a luxury -- it's vital!

Browse our tools section to find drills, hand tools, saws and more for essential building or maintenance tasks at home and at work.

Camping and Outdoor Sports

Camping is a pastime a lot of people love, but you can't do it without a good light in your arsenal. While lanterns are a great touch and essential in their own right, you still need a high-powered light to keep you safe when electricity isn't on the menu. Battery powered options are ideal, but solar flashlights can work for short camping trips too. Just make sure to leave them out during the day to build up a charge that will last you through the evening.

Small portable options are also helpful if you're camping with kids. They can carry them in their pocket, and multi-packs allow you to buy a few so it won't matter much if they get lost along the way.

Walmart Canada doesn't just stop at excellent lighting choices. Check out our assortment of home essentials like garage door openers and accessories, lawn and garden equipment and sheds and outdoor storage supplies. Great everyday prices let you buy essentials for home, work and play, right when you need it most.




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