Upgrade Your Camping Kit with Coolers

Whether you enjoy picnics in the park or extended camping trips, you need a way to make sure your food stays refrigerated, and your drinks stay cold. That first sip of an ice-cold bottle after a long day in the sun is an unbeatable experience. A cooler lets you keep your beverages at an optimal temperature for hours, even during the hottest days of summer. Pop in a six-pack and head to the nearest stadium for game day or have drinks on offer for your next backyard barbecue. Either way, Walmart Canada has a cooler that has the capacity and insulating power you need.

Packing a Picnic Cooler

For an afternoon at the park or a trip to an amusement park, packing a picnic lunch is a great way to keep the cost down. Whether you have a full spread of sandwiches and salads or just a couple of bottles of water and juice, you want to keep it cold. Some foods spoil quickly when left out in the sun. An insulated container the size of a picnic basket is on the small side and easy to carry. A small beverage cooler might be good enough.

Chest Coolers

An evening at a neighbour's or a potluck family meal often means transporting plenty of food. Whether you're hauling the ingredients to throw together a dish once you arrive or you have something that needs to stay cool until eaten, a chest cooler may be the way to go. When space in the fridge is limited, having an insulated chest cooler can help with a big, group meal. They're also great for taking with you on a trip to the beach, or keeping stationary on your deck while you entertain during a barbecue.

Easily Portable Travel Containers

Coolers come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some small versions might have a long shoulder strap and just enough space for a single-serving of lunch. Large options can fit more than 50 12-ounce cans, along with enough ice to cool everything down. A larger ice chest can be very heavy, particularly when full of ice, food and drinks. To get something easily portable, you want to look for the smallest insulated container that works for your planned event and something made from lightweight materials. A soft-sided tote bag might be a good choice. These bags provide plenty of insulation without the weight of a heavy, plastic container.

Hot and Cold Insulation

Thermoelectric coolers make eating on-the-go easier than ever. These hot and cold chests plug into a 12V outlet in your truck or SUV. There is no need to use ice to keep thing cool. The electric cooler does the work, leaving more space to pack in the food and drinks. Many of these devices also come with a warming function, so you can cook and pack food to enjoy at the end of a long drive. 

Rolling to the Destination

A heavy chest might not be a one-person job to go from the car to a picnic table. Once full, larger chests can get very heavy. A wheeled cooler lets you pack it full and ignore the weight. You simply roll the full tote to its final destination and park it in a convenient spot. 

Walmart Canada offers a variety of insulated containers and coolers to help keep your food and beverages at the right temperature in any setting. 





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