Camping Supplies

Get Ready for Camping with Gear from Walmart Canada

The best way to become one with nature is to spend time in the outdoors and camping is a fun and easy way to do that. With Walmart Canada, you'll find a wide range of camping supplies from the simplest gadgets like tablecloth clips, fire starters, and hand warmers to the mainstays like tents, camping stoves, and cots.

For the more serious backpacker, wilderness camping requires paying attention to your basic needs with the right camping supplies. That means gathering the right items to provide food, water, and shelter, plus getting the tools and safety gear to meet a variety of wilderness challenges. Walmart Canada has a huge variety of the things on your camping checklist, at affordable prices. If you're shopping for a gift for a camping friend and don't know what they need, gift cards are always a good option!

The Options are Endless for Food Safety and Storage

A top priority item you'll want is a well-insulated cooler to keep your cold items from getting warm and perhaps a second cooler to keep your dry goods secure, fresh, and out of wildlife's reach. Walmart Canada has many coolers to choose from that include soft-sided, hard-sided, and wheeled coolers.

Don't forget to shop for other camping accessories like camping dishes, pots and mixing bowls, storage containers, utensils, as well as cooking appliances like camping stoves or portable barbeques. Not to be forgotten are food preparation tables and a set of folding or lounging chairs so that you can watch the gorgeous outdoors in comfort.

Don't Get Dehydrated on Your Camping Trip

Dehydration is always a risk in the hot summer, so you'll need enough water to drink and cook with on your camping adventure. For any camping situation, a common rule of thumb is to provide two to three litres of water per person per day. If you won't be near a water refill centre, then it's important to bring a large water jug or two. Look for hard covered jugs you can stack or soft space-saving collapsible jugs.

Also, pack smaller beverage storage containers for mealtime and to take with you hiking. Choose a water bottle you can easily reach for while canoeing or hiking or that can attach to a backpack with a clip.

Prepare to Sleep Well

Along with your tent, you'll want comfortable sleeping mattresses, folding cots, and sleeping bags that will help you rest up so you can enjoy hiking, fishing, swimming, or canoeing during your camping expedition.

Walmart Canada carries many of your favourite brands of cots, inflatable mattresses, and cozy sleeping bags that come in a variety of weights, thicknesses, and dimensions. Look for temperature-rated mummy bags that will suit all kinds of cold weather, even winter camping! 

Gather your Favourite Camping Accessories

It's always important to have a good lighting source on your camping trip for safety, necessity, and ambiance. Shop Walmart Canada for battery or propane powered lights and lanterns you can hang, clip-on, or carry. For solar-powered radios or lights, don't forget to pick up a solar panel charger that allows you to charge your cell phone without a plug!  

Who doesn't love the crackle of a campfire (nobody--that's who!)? Be prepared. Shop Walmart Canada's selection of fire starters, axes, multi-tools, lighters, and roasting forks. Then head to the food section and pick up a large bag of roasting marshmallows that you can get nice and toasted just right.

Whether you're new to the camping experience or a master camper, you'll quickly figure out all the essential camping supplies you'll need to pack. With a quick search at you'll be sure to find what you need, all at everyday low prices.



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