Survival Gear & Emergency Preparedness


Survival Gear Is for More Than Just Zombies

Fans of The Walking Dead may be interested in survival gear to prepare for zombies, but an emergency plan can help you through any number of natural and man-made disasters. Every household should have a well-stocked emergency preparedness kit on hand. The Canadian government recommends that residents have everything they need to take care of themselves and their families for at least 72 hours, and Walmart Canada makes it easy to get prepared.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are the primary concern when it comes to emergency management. Mother Nature manages to surprise in many forms, including large storms, floods, earthquakes and wildfires. Canadian winters can be especially harsh, and it’s good to know that you have everything you need to survive if a blizzard keeps you trapped inside for a few days. has a range of sandbags and floor guards to help protect your home in case of flood. You can also find fuel packs and solar-powered lights to ensure you still have light and a way to cook food if you’re trapped without power.

Be Prepared for Any Emergency

It’s not just natural disasters that can interrupt your daily life. Power outages can happen at any time, and some last for days. Add some candles and matches to your survival gear, as well as some blankets so you can stay warm without power. You may also experience a house fire. Having a go-bag full of your essentials can help you feel less stranded if your house is damaged and you need to find an alternative place to stay.

In Canada, you may end up driving long distances, and it’s reassuring to have a kit for your car. A car escape tool can help you and your loved ones leave a vehicle in that's been in an accident. A spare gas can also help if you run out of gas in a remote area. Don't forget to add water and a torch or emergency lights so other drivers can see you even if your car has no power.

Survival Gear Keeps Your Family Members Safe

For most Canadians, the most important aspect of their emergency plan is keeping family members safe and healthy. Walmart Canada has a wide range of first aid kits to help you take care of any injuries and minor medical emergencies if you’re in a situation where emergency services are unable to get to you. Remember to add a small supply of any essential prescription medication to the kit in case you can’t access a pharmacy.

Water is essential to human survival and can become difficult to access in many emergencies. The government recommends you have at least 2 litres of water per person per day, and stocks water storage as well as filtration systems in case the emergency goes on longer than expected. Make sure you also have enough food for everyone in your household. Camping meals are a good option as they store well and are easy to cook.

Your Kit Can Do Double Duty

If you’re worried about the cost, you’ll love Walmart Canada’s great prices, but don’t forget your survival gear can do double duty. If you go camping, hunting or boating regularly, many items in your emergency preparedness kit can be handy on these trips. A battery-powered or crank radio gives you updates during an emergency as well as playing your favourite music while sitting around a campfire. A floating whistle is perfect during a flood and an essential on a boat.

It’s important to think about what could happen ahead of time and to be prepared for an emergency before it happens. With Walmart Canada’s help, you can have an emergency preparedness kit waiting in your home and the peace of mind of knowing you and your loved ones are ready for whatever comes your way. Even if it’s zombies.




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